Heineken’s challenge is to keep glass half full

August 1, 2016

The Dutch brewer's operating profit was strong, thanks to stellar Asian growth. But first-half revenue fell short of expectations. Headaches in Africa show that its reliance on emerging markets comes with a snakebite of currency, macroeconomic and geopolitical hazards.

Vietnam is a bad example to newly emerging markets

By Rob Cox
October 1, 2012

The Southeast Asian nation has gone from budding Asian tiger to near-basket case. The global economic slowdown and local corruption are both to blame. Vietnam needs to reboot its banks and foreign investment plans if it’s to offer any positive lessons for the likes of Myanmar.

QE-lenient world gives Vietnam financial pardon

November 6, 2012

Even after a downgrade by Moody’s last month, investors are willing to lend Hanoi dollars for less. Rising exports helped avert a balance of payments crisis and officials apologized for economic goofs. But in a world awash with cash, investors are too eager to forgive and forget.

Vietnam is back in the game for buyout firms

July 18, 2013

Warburg Pincus is investing $200 million in the country’s largest mall owner at a time when retail sales growth is at a 10-year low. The U.S. private equity firm’s punt might be premature, but it isn’t wrong. Vietnam is outgrowing its bad reputation with foreign capitalists.