China has much to gain from rare earths fight

March 14, 2012

A new WTO case against China may put Beijing on the defensive. But China’s global dominance puts it in a strong position to resist pressure. Besides, the backdoor trade protectionism plays well at home, as does the effort to make rare earth mining less environmentally damaging.

Vietnam is a bad example to newly emerging markets

By Rob Cox
October 1, 2012

The Southeast Asian nation has gone from budding Asian tiger to near-basket case. The global economic slowdown and local corruption are both to blame. Vietnam needs to reboot its banks and foreign investment plans if it’s to offer any positive lessons for the likes of Myanmar.

China may stub its toe on rare earths quotas

By Wei Gu
December 30, 2010

China may stub its toe on its rare earths quotas. By restricting exports of the metallic elements, it is hoping to give domestic industries a boost. But Chinese companies will lose if the move leads to trade restrictions or boycotts of overseas acquisitions.

China cannot totally ignore foreign critics

By Wei Gu
July 22, 2010

Foreign bosses need to accept that a richer China is likely to be a more demanding one.

New-age trade clubs: A guide for the perplexed

July 24, 2013

With the Trans-Pacific Partnership, global trade is going private. Japan has joined economies as diverse as the United States and Vietnam in drawing up a new accord. It looks like fragmentation, but with sensible rules, the TPP could give the bigger WTO a new lease of life.

Five reasons why 2010 will be greener

January 1, 2010

Economics, rather than politics, will be the main driver of the fight against global warming in 2010.