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Edifice Luxe by Genny Briar

Genny Briar






  From: Scott Lansdowne ( To: Charly Briar ( Subject: Hotel Job Attachment Hotel PR – Job Description

Hi Charly,

I thought you might be interested in this… I know how much you “love” working as a copywriter. Here’s your chance to work in PR!

Travel is basically 100% of the time. You’d be based out of Bangkok travelling to all Edifice Luxe properties throughout Southeast Asia as the Public Relations Manager.

Top 10 airport touchdowns


A tiny airstrip in the Outer Hebrides topped a list of the most stunning airport landings in a poll out today

The survey* of 1,000 travel fans and pilots, conducted by the private jet hire booking network,, asked voters to choose from a shortlist of 28 or nominate an airport of their choice.

Great British pubs, but is UK Plc no place for the public house?


Pubcos, regulations and shiny globalisation might be enemies of the ‘local’ – but the perfect British pub is still out there

British pubs and brewery group Greene King are doing well this year. Asked why they were enjoying higher half-year profits, the 212-year-old Suffolk based firm told reporters this week that hard-pressed consumers struggling to cope with economic pressures were seeking solace in their local pubs.

Business aviation to embrace Air Passenger Duty


By Adam Twidell, CEO, The opinions expressed are his own.

The Chancellor shouldn’t drag his heels on the timings around APD for business jet flights in the UK

In Chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn statement (November, 29), he announced the extension of Air Passenger Duty (APD) to trips taken aboard business jets, effective from April 2013.

Cathay Pacific launch in-flight audio books


At a travel industry dinner a couple of months ago, I was sitting next to the boss of a large book publisher. During the course of the meal, we agreed that airlines’ movie/music/games-centric entertainment offering is an injustice to the bookish.

Why not beam e-books onto passengers’ personal devices, we wondered. Or, even better, stock audio books.

The golden age of aviation?


It is 1963. Transatlantic flights are a commercial possibility for the affluent and Pan Am is the biggest name in the business. Their pilots, mostly war trained, are rock stars. Passengers fly with ebullient style; dress to impress, eat restaurant-quality food, drink good liquor and have their cigarettes lit by charming, trilingual young ladies.

The airing of the ABC television series “Pan Am” is dosing older audiences with Jet Set nostalgia, and raising the eyebrows of younger ones with its scenes of air stewardesses undergoing preflight weigh-ins, grooming inspections and girdle checks (a bottom slap).

How much for that hotel room?


Released today,’s Hotel Price Index (HPI) shows increased corporate demand has sparked sizeable room-rate rises in certain hotspots.

Though hotel rates in the first six months of 2011 rose by just 3 percent globally, the HPI* points to Sao Paolo’s impressive 27 percent rise, and Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney which show double-digit price increases.

A borderless future: Transforming the customer experience in the rail industry


By Anne Pruvot, infrastructure & transportation services, Accenture

By 2019, the EU’s rail traffic will be deregulated. What issues does this raise for the operator and their customers?

Imagine this: A rail service to suit all budgets, where a traveller with just one electronic ticket can enjoy a swift, safe and sustainable journey to just about any destination on the network.

Crowd control: Is London travel-ready for Summer 2012?


London Assembly’s transport committee grilled London and Olympic travel executives on Tuesday about what Transport for London (TfL) calls “100 days of extraordinary operation,” a period which includes both the 2012 Games and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The Transport Committee, which presses for travel improvements for Londoners, heard that the hardware is there but more needs to done to ensure London’s transport infrastructure can take the strain during a period when a third of Londoners will be obliged to significantly change their travel patterns.

Top 5 noise-cancelling headphones


By Grace Nasri at FindTheBest

One of the most irritating things about business travel – of air travel in general, really – is flying when your seatmate is a crying baby or a non-stop chatter and you’re trying to work, sleep or just enjoy the in-flight entertainment.

But even when you’re not sitting next to a teething infant or gabby neighbour, the hum of the plane engine can be distracting.