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Business aviation to embrace Air Passenger Duty


By Adam Twidell, CEO, The opinions expressed are his own.

The Chancellor shouldn’t drag his heels on the timings around APD for business jet flights in the UK

In Chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn statement (November, 29), he announced the extension of Air Passenger Duty (APD) to trips taken aboard business jets, effective from April 2013.

The extension of APD to business aviation was announced in the March 2011 Budget with many expecting it to come into operation in April 2012 alongside the increases in APD bands for airline passengers (the details of which will be announced imminently). Some commentators are seeing this as a delay.

The timings may be unclear but the Chancellor need not drag his heels. If APD is to be calculated the same way for private jet passengers as it is for airlines, it would add a relatively small increase to the costs of a private charter flight and would be unlikely to cause much alarm to passengers.