Business Traveller

Ten best credit cards for business travel


By Grace Nasri at FindTheBest

Any business traveller, or anyone for that matter, wants to have a credit card that offers the best perks, the lowest APR and no – or low – annual fees, yet nobody has the time to comb through the pages of fine print detailing the sometimes shocking terms of agreement.

Everyone wants to find “the perfect card”, but the best card ultimately depends on the specific person’s needs. For the typical cardholder, analytics from FindTheBest’s Credit Cards Comparison shows that the two most important factors when selecting a credit card are annual fee and ongoing purchase APR rate; 36 percent of users sort by annual fee and 21 percent sort by ongoing purchase APR, while other key factors, including balance transfer APR and rewards type, are only sorted on by less than 10 percent of users. But the typical card user has different needs than the business traveller.

For the road warrior, there are several criteria that time and time again have proven useful during long business trips away from home. For those whose jobs require frequent travel, business-related perks can save money, provide help during emergency situations and can insure access to cash whenever and wherever.

FindTheBest has identified a list of the Top 10 credit cards for the business traveller based on 10 key factors: