Business Traveller

A borderless future: Transforming the customer experience in the rail industry


By Anne Pruvot, infrastructure & transportation services, Accenture

By 2019, the EU’s rail traffic will be deregulated. What issues does this raise for the operator and their customers?

Imagine this: A rail service to suit all budgets, where a traveller with just one electronic ticket can enjoy a swift, safe and sustainable journey to just about any destination on the network.

Thanks to a combination of deregulation, common standards for train control and command systems, and the extension of high-speed track, much of the world’s rail industry – and its passengers – stand on the threshold of just such a bright and borderless future.

The European Union’s national train companies are now free to pick up passengers in other countries as long as the journey originates in their domestic market; and by 2014, the ability to conduct a journey between two domestic points will be extended to foreign companies.