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John McHugh, VP and Chief Marketing Officer, Brocade

As technology and business travel become ever more inextricably connected, I talk to a man whose life is a symbiosis of both worlds

John McHugh, VP and Chief Marketing Officer of networking infrastructure firm Brocade, proudly sits on both sides of the buyer-seller fence. On one hand, a WiFi-less or WiFi-jammed hotel will not be seeing his custom again in a hurry; on the other, his company offers hotels WiFi deployment.

He knows how tricky it is to design a network where, from “6am to 8.01am and 8pm to midnight” every business traveller downloads their email, watches streamed media or lets their kids use the Xbox.

“Hotels don’t want to spent a lot of money and invest in a lot of infrastructure if they don’t have to; they’re trying to get by on the absolute bare minimum so the system is normally massively oversubscribed at the very time when the user wants to use it.”