Business Traveller

Track me if you can


Corporate travellers’ journeys are able to be ever more skilfully tracked by travel management and security companies on behalf of concerned employers – but are our personal devices a help or a hindrance?

Not-so-smart phones
Now that our luggage can be “bugged” with a chip, could not our lives, and that of those who endeavour to track us, be made much easier if we were also chip carriers, or at least app-equipped on our ubiquitous smartphones?

Security assistance firm International SOS (ISOS) conducted a survey last month of 4,700 international business travellers about the way they use mobile devices, and the types of travel-related info they are willing to receive from their employers.

Some of what they found surprised them. Respondents who travel to “high-risk destinations” (which was 60% of them) indicated by a towering 82 percent that they are comfortable with having their location tracked via their mobile device. Questions of privacy appear to go out the window for travellers if it means avoiding or escaping sudden geologically and politically inspired storms.