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Dec 3, 2013

Dying Iowa inmate, sentenced to life at 15, granted parole

By Carey Gillam

(Reuters) – A terminally ill Iowa inmate, who was only 15 when she was sentenced to life in prison for murdering an elderly relative, is being paroled, authorities said on Tuesday.

The Iowa Parole Board decision allows the cancer stricken Kristina Fetters, now 33, to become the first Iowa inmate serving a life term without possibility of parole to have her sentence altered following a landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling last year making life without parole unconstitutional for juveniles.

Dec 1, 2013

The votes are in – Washington’s panda cub named Bao Bao

By Carey Gillam

(Reuters) – In a ceremony fitting royalty, the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington said on Sunday it was naming a rare, female giant panda cub “Bao Bao,” after a public online vote that drew more than 123,000 submissions.

Bao Bao (rhyming with Pow Pow) translates as precious or treasure in English, the zoo said. It was one of five Mandarin Chinese names offered in the online vote that ran from November 5 to November 22. Other options included Ling Hua, meaning a darling, delicate flower; and Mulan, a smart and brave Chinese warrior. The zoo said it had received 123,039 votes.

Nov 20, 2013

Staff, counsel to Warren Commission stand by JFK findings

By Carey Gillam

(Reuters) – Richard Mosk knows they got it right.

Fifty years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, he and others who worked on the Warren Commission, the government’s probe of the shooting, say they have become inured to the seemingly endless stream of conspiracy theories.

“It’s natural that an event like this would cause skepticism and suspicions, especially in light of what has come out about our government,” said Mosk, 74, who was a newly minted lawyer in his mid-20s when he was hired as a researcher for the commission.

Nov 19, 2013

In Oklahoma, water, fracking – and a swarm of quakes

, Nov 19 (Reuters) – Seismologist Austin
Holland wants to start an earthquake.

From his office a few feet below the earth’s surface – a
basement at the University of Oklahoma in Norman – Holland, who
tracks quakes for the Oklahoma Geological Survey, is digging
into a complex riddle: Is a dramatic rise in the size and number
of quakes in his state related to oil and gas production
activity? And, if so, what can be done to stop it?

Nov 8, 2013

After Washington GMO label battle, both sides eye national fight

By Carey Gillam

(Reuters) – Both sides of the costly and high-stakes GMO labeling battle in Washington state say they see an even bigger national fight ahead despite the apparent defeat of the mandatory labeling measure by Washington state voters this week.

The measure died 47.05 percent to 52.95 percent, according to results updated Thursday night by the Washington Secretary of State’s office as results continued to trickle in. The likely loss followed a similar defeat last year in California when a ballot initiative there also failed to pass.

Nov 8, 2013

DuPont, with Deere & Co, to roll out precision farming program

By Carey Gillam

(Reuters) – DuPont Pioneer, the agricultural seed unit of DuPont (DD.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz), said Friday that it has aligned with farm machinery company Deere & Co (DE.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) in a race against rival Monsanto Co to provide farmers with enhanced “precision agriculture” analyses aimed at maximizing crop production.

The programs these companies will roll out next year will give farmers guidance on a number of field management decisions, including planting, crop treatment, pest control and even the best time to harvest.

Oct 31, 2013

US food group faces legal trouble in fight over GMO labeling

By Carey Gillam

(Reuters) – A lobbying group for major U.S. food manufacturers continues to run afoul of campaign finance laws in the way that it has contributed funds to block a measure that would require labeling of genetically modified foods in Washington state, according to a statement issued Wednesday by the state’s attorney general.

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson said he will amend a lawsuit filed October 16 to raise the total amount he alleges the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) illegally concealed to $11 million, from the $7.2 million in the original complaint.

Oct 29, 2013

Food giants pour millions into defeating Washington GMO label measure

, Oct 29 (Reuters) – Major U.S. food
and chemical companies are pouring millions of dollars into
efforts to block approval of a ballot initiative in Washington
state that would make it the first in the United States to
require labeling of foods containing genetically modified crops.

Despite early strong support for the measure, a recent poll
suggests sentiment against the measure, known as I-522, is
growing amid an onslaught of corporate-financed advertising
ahead of the Nov. 5 referendum. Voters will decide whether many
common grocery items containing ingredients from genetically
altered crops should be labeled as such.

Oct 24, 2013

Civil rights group sues Missouri for concealing suppliers of execution drugs

, Oct 23 (Reuters) – The American Civil
Liberties Union sued Missouri prison officials on Wednesday
seeking to force the state to divulge the compounding pharmacies
that supply its lethal execution drugs and identities of other
members of its death row execution team.

The lawsuit came a day after the state said it would start
classifying those pharmacies among the various personnel and
entities involved in administering the death penalty in Missouri
and thus shielded from public disclosure of their identities.

Oct 22, 2013

Missouri joins U.S. states getting execution drugs from new suppliers

, Oct 22 (Reuters) – Missouri announced on
Tuesday that a “compounding pharmacy” would supply lethal
injection drugs for future executions, the latest U.S. state to
turn to the lightly regulated sector after major pharmaceutical
companies refused to sell drugs for executions.

The Missouri Department of Corrections said in a brief
statement that it would switch to using a single drug for
executions, pentobarbital. Missouri had used a three drug
protocol until recently.

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