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May 31, 2013

U.S. discovery of rogue GMO wheat raises concerns over controls

May 31 (Reuters) – For global consumers now on high alert
over a rogue strain of genetically modified wheat found in
Oregon, the question is simple: How could this happen? For a
cadre of critics of biotech crops, the question is different:
How could it not?

The questions arose after the U.S. Department of Agriculture
announced Wednesday that it was investigating the mysterious
appearance of experimental, unapproved genetically engineered
wheat plants on a farm in Oregon. The wheat was developed years
ago by Monsanto Co to tolerate its Roundup herbicide,
but the world’s largest seed company scrapped the project and
ended all field trials in 2004.

May 23, 2013

Oklahoma tornado victims astounded at how they survived

MOORE, Oklahoma (Reuters) – Tornado survivors thanked God, sturdy closets and luck in explaining how they lived through the colossal twister that devastated an Oklahoma town and killed 24 people, an astonishingly low toll given the extent of destruction.

At least one family took refuge in a bathtub and some people shut themselves in underground shelters built into their houses on Monday when the powerful storm tore through the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore.

May 22, 2013

At tornado-hit school, colored stickers and pencils litter ruins

May 22 (Reuters) – A miniature bookcase with
children’s books spilling out is among the few furnishings still
standing amid the tornado-torn rubble of what once was the
Briarwood Elementary School in Moore, Oklahoma.

Pink and green pencils and sparkling colored stickers are
scattered amid twisted piles of metal, wood and bricks.

May 22, 2013

Rescuers search Oklahoma tornado town ruins as recovery starts

, May 22 (Reuters) – Rescue workers with sniffer
dogs picked through the ruins of an Oklahoma town on Wednesday
to ensure no survivors remained buried after a deadly tornado
left thousands homeless and trying to salvage what was left of
their belongings.

“Yesterday I was numb. Today I cried a lot. Now I’m on the
victory side of it,” said Beth Vrooman, who hid in a shelter in
her garage during Monday’s storm in Moore, Oklahoma.

May 22, 2013

Whole neighborhoods razed by Oklahoma tornado that killed 24

MOORE, Oklahoma (Reuters) – Rescuers went building to building in search of victims and thousands of survivors were homeless on Tuesday after a massive tornado tore through the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, wiping out whole blocks of homes and killing at least 24 people.

The death toll was lower than initially feared, but nine children were among the dead, including seven who died at Plaza Towers Elementary School, which took a direct hit on Monday in the deadliest tornado to strike the United States in two years.

May 21, 2013

Survivors pulled from Oklahoma tornado debris as toll falls

MOORE, Oklahoma (Reuters) – Emergency workers pulled more than 100 survivors from the rubble of homes, schools and a hospital in an Oklahoma town hit by a powerful tornado, and officials lowered the death toll from the storm to 24, including nine children.

The 2-mile (3-km) wide tornado tore through Moore outside Oklahoma City on Monday afternoon, trapping victims beneath the rubble, wiping out entire neighborhoods and tossing vehicles about as if they were toys.

May 21, 2013

Oklahoma lowers tornado death toll amid frantic search

MOORE, Oklahoma (Reuters) – Emergency workers searched for survivors in the rubble of homes, schools and a hospital in an Oklahoma town hit by a powerful tornado, but officials on Tuesday sharply lowered the number of deaths caused by the storm.

The Oklahoma state medical examiner’s office said 24 bodies had been recovered from the wreckage of Monday’s storm, down from the 51 they had reported earlier. The earlier number likely reflected some double-counted deaths, said Amy Elliott, chief administrative officer for the medical examiner.

May 20, 2013

U.S. pesticide makers seek answers as bee losses sting agriculture

May 20 (Reuters) – Monsanto Co is hosting a “Bee Summit.”
Bayer AG is breaking ground on a “Bee Care Center.” And Sygenta
AG is funding grants for research into the accelerating demise
of honeybees in the United States, where the insects pollinate
fruits and vegetables that make up roughly a quarter of the
American diet.

The agrichemical companies are taking these initiatives at a
time when their best-selling pesticides are under fire from
environmental and food activists who say the chemicals are
killing off millions of bees. The companies say their pesticides
are not the problem, but critics say science shows the opposite.

May 16, 2013

Canada approves Dow’s new Enlist Duo herbicide

May 16 (Reuters) – Canadian regulators have given a green
light to Dow AgroSciences, a unit of Dow Chemical Co, to
introduce a controversial new herbicide meant to control
spreading weed resistance, Dow said on Thursday.

Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency
(PMRA)approved “Enlist Duo” herbicide for use in Canada, making
it the first country to authorize the new herbicide.

May 15, 2013

Monsanto tests planting platform, eyes new microbial business

LOUIS, May 15 (Reuters) – Monsanto Co, the
world’s largest seed company, is developing two new platforms
that diverge from its core business and are seen as potential
key long-term growth drivers, according to top Monsanto

The first, a precision planting product called
“FieldScripts,” is being rolled out for beta testing this year
to more than 150 farmers in the U.S. Midwest.

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