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Apr 23, 2015

Big investors cautious on German public-private partnership plan

BERLIN/FRANKFURT (Reuters) – A German government plan to boost investment by involving the private sector more in infrastructure projects has been given a cautious welcome by some large investors.

Germany is currently investing around 100 billion euros ($108 billion) too little per year, the head of the Berlin-based DIW economic institute says, and is under pressure to help pull the rest of Europe out of the doldrums by spending more.

Apr 15, 2015

Euro zone downbeat on chances of Greek deal next week

BERLIN/ATHENS (Reuters) – The euro zone is doubtful that a deal will be struck with Greece next week on economic reforms for bailout funds, potentially leaving the country perilously short of money.

Both the Greek government and its creditors have expressed the need for an agreement, at least in outline, to be reached when euro zone finance ministers meet in the Latvian capital Riga on April 24. But Athens has yet to produce a program of reforms that is deemed acceptable.

Apr 13, 2015

Russia’s Gazprom warns EU over gas, Ukraine

BERLIN/MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s top gas producer Gazprom warned the European Union on Monday against moves to block Moscow’s plans to bypass Ukraine as a transit country for its gas to Europe and said it needed guarantees on gas purchases.

Russia is pushing ahead with plans to build a pipeline to Turkey and further on to Greece via the Black Sea, in line with its plans to stop exporting gas via Ukraine by 2019.

Apr 2, 2015

Germanwings pilot hid from doctors he was still flying

BERLIN (Reuters) – The Germanwings co-pilot suspected of deliberately crashing an airliner in the French Alps allegedly lied to doctors, telling them he was on sick leave rather than flying commercial planes, German daily Bild reported on Thursday.

The revelation came as Germany set up a task force to learn safety lessons from the crash which killed 150 people last week.

Apr 1, 2015

Germany sets very high bar for fracking

BERLIN, April 1 (Reuters) – German Chancellor Angela
Merkel’s cabinet signed off on a draft law on Wednesday that
imposes an effective ban on the controversial technique of
fracking for shale gas.

Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, involves blasting
chemicals and water into rock formations to release trapped gas.
Opposition is strong in densely populated Germany due to
concerns about the risk of contaminating drinking water.

Mar 31, 2015

Germanwings crash triggers debate on confidentiality taboo

BERLIN (Reuters) – Calls to relax Germany’s strict doctor-patient confidentiality law after a Germanwings plane crash last week have touched a nerve in a country obsessed about privacy because of its authoritarian past.

A debate on the law began after reports that Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot suspected of flying the Airbus A320 into a French mountain and killing all 150 people on board, had hidden sensitive information about his health from the airline.

Mar 30, 2015

Germany says Greece must flesh out reforms to unlock aid

ATHENS/BERLIN (Reuters) – Greece’s biggest creditor Germany said on Monday that the euro zone would give Athens no further financial aid until it has a more detailed list of reforms and some are enacted into law, adding to scepticism over plans presented last week.

A senior official in Brussels on Sunday had dismissed the list as “ideas” rather than a plan that Greece could submit to EU and IMF lenders to secure new funds before it runs out of cash next month.

Mar 30, 2015

German firms embrace start-ups to catch up with digital world

DUESSELDORF, Germany, March 30 (Reuters) – Latecomers to the
digital age, big German companies have started teaming up with
start-ups to shake up their conservative business culture and
keep pace with a world increasingly dominated by nimble tech

More than half of the firms on Germany’s blue-chip DAX index
trace their roots back to the 19th century or earlier.
The youngest corporate, SAP, was founded 43 years ago.

Mar 24, 2015

Germanwings, Lufthansa’s response to battle for budget travelers

BERLIN (Reuters) – The Airbus which crashed into the French Alps on Tuesday was operated by Lufthansa’s Germanwings, a budget airline that has grown to become the German flag-carrier’s main short-haul operator as it battles competition from no-frills rivals.

It was the first crash in the history of Cologne-based Germanwings, which was founded in 2002 and operates flights between European cities and to some holiday destinations in North Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Mar 18, 2015

Greek PM demands EU stop ‘unilateral actions’ as tensions flare

ATHENS/BERLIN (Reuters) – Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras lambasted European partners on Wednesday for criticizing a new anti-poverty law hours before it is voted on, saying it was the euro zone rather than Athens that must stop “unilateral actions” and keep its word.

Tsipras’s impassioned speech to parliament as it prepared to vote on his government’s first bill marked the latest escalation in a war of words between Athens and its creditors that has raised the risk of a Greek bankruptcy and euro zone exit.