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February 1, 2008


The Water Cube, or National Aquatics Centre as it is known officially, was “unveiled” on Monday and will host its first test event with a swimming event starting on Thursday.

Even if it’s not actually a cube but a rectangle, it’s certainly an innovative design. 

Not that it will mean much to those who have invested $148 million in it, but I’m not sure I actually like it.

What does everyone else think? 




cubecolour.JPG Pictures, which I do like, by Claro Cortes IV and Jason Lee/Reuters, and China Daily   


The pictures of it illuminated at night look pretty amazing. But I wonder too if it won’t look a bit out place in downtown Beijing. But then again, the Sydney Opera House was widely criticised for being a tad gaudy. But now it is now treasured by all Aussies. And what about the glass pyramid at the Louvre?

Kevan Gosper says it’s out of this world, and by far the best such facility at an Olympics.

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it is looking strange, that is true

but, it is by far better, than to build a swimming pool like all the other swimming pools of the world

I like this building aspecially in the night view


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