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June 5, 2008

The Beijing bureau today continued its look at China’s ’08 generation, 19 years after the crushing of the pro-democracy protests in Tiananmen Square and 64 days before the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games.

Thousands of job seekers flock to a job fair in Tianjin municipalityRead Lucy Hornby’s piece about the challenges facing China’s college graduates here

 Pictures of aTianjin job fair by Vincent Du.


Zhao Ziyang and Hu Yaobang were Chinese Communist party leaders who wanted freedom for all citizens of China-including the Tibetans, and the people who demonstrated in Tianenmen Square and who were killed or jailed for it. They were kicked out of their leadership roles by the hardliners, kept incommunicado, and placed under house arrest for the remainder of their lives. To this list, we must now add Hu Jia, prominent Chinese human rights activist, who has recently been sentenced to 3 1/2 years for advocating freedom, equality under the law, human rights, and environmental justice.

Young adults in China today know nothing of this, because the Chinese government propaganda machine has vilified the hundred thousand patriots who demonstrated for freedom that day, and dismissed them as a few anti-social hooligans. This process is, of course, taking place today in China, only it is currently directed against the Tibetan demonstrators and the Dalai Lama. If the Tiananmen Square demonstrators had been successful in reforming the Chinese government, I doubt if there would have been the demonstrations in Tibet, because the people of Tibet would probably have had far fewer grievances.

Having deposed party officials who favored truth and justice, the Chinese communist party is promulgating lies that justify their repressive policies.

Chinese nationalists all seem to believe their government’s big lie-that Tibet is an historical part of China. Tibet is no more a part of China than France was a traditional part of Germany when the Nazis invaded it.

“The so-called Czecho-Slovakia ceased to exist. In a single night a nation vanished that in reality had never been a nation.” -Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. Does it remind you of the Chinese government discussing Tibet? It should!

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