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Exploding stomachs slip through language police’s net

August 3, 2008

Exploding stomachLet’s face it, if moves by Beijing’s Government and Tourism Bureaus to take the Chinglish off menus and road signs as we reported in an earlier story really worked, dining out in Beijing wouldn’t be half as fun.

Colleagues eating at a Beijing restaurant in the final countdown to the Aug. 8 start of the Games came up with the following interesting dishes which diners can order at their peril:         

- The celery fires an employee                                                 

-  The clever and dextrous woman hand rips the cabbage

-  The peach kernel sauce explodes the diced chicken. 

Tough choice. Think I might opt for the bad fragrant fish cooked until the bones are soft.

(Photo taken by Ahmed Assar, Reuters Television)

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