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August 3, 2008

With only five days to go before the opening of the Olympic Games, the iconic Bird’s Nest national stadium in Beijing was visible under clear blue skies on Sunday (August 3).

Despite last-ditch attempts to turn the smokey and dusty Chinese capital into the promised pollution-free Olympic venue, the Olympic Green is frequently barely visible through the haze.

The Beijing Ministry for Environmental Protection was still showing the Chinese Air Pollution Index (API) from Saturday (August 2), which was API 34. This figure is valid from 1200 local the day before until 1200 local (0300 GMT) the next day. This is grade one, “excellent”, and counts as a “blue sky day”.

The temperature was forecast to be around 33 degrees celsius with only 50 percent humidity.

The authorities have ordered many cars off roads and halted much construction and factory production in an effort to cut smog before the Games open on August 8.

Pollution has been one of the biggest worries for Games organisers who have said they may reschedule endurance events to prevent health risks to athletes.


with all the attention and drama about china’s air quality, why are we still discussing how America is causing global warming. With that huge polluter craking out so much particulates in the air daily, we seem like pristine forest land in comparison. Unless/until China is requiered to submit to the saqme standards as other nations, the whole green thing is a farce.

Posted by vicky | Report as abusive

You are exactly right vicky. I cannot understand why China gets a free pass on so many things that we westerners have to comply to. I hope that the Olympics that the Chinese have bought and paid for will show the world just how truly backward and communist China really is. It is only because of our love of new cheap shiny things is the reason that China still isn’t a backwater country like N Korea. Our western capitalistic greed will surely be the end of the USA.

Posted by Neal | Report as abusive

Beijing is no small city so anywhere there is that many people equates to pollution.

Moving factories to the outskirts may not be the answer.
Why not trying to open a hole throught the mountains blocking better air purges,

It might sound crazy but if located in a soup bowl, the the bowl s/b busted if u know what I mean,

Posted by jethro mayham | Report as abusive

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