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Bush volleyball becomes an Olympic sport

August 9, 2008

Bush plays volleyball

U.S. President George W. Bush did what most people would do on a sticky day and took some time out at the beach on Saturday. The beach volleyball, that is.

The United States are favourite in both the men’s and women’s tournament and the president popped by to wish them good luck. He was not expecting to be made to actually play, nor to be proffered a pert buttock to pat.

Bush plays beach volleyballMisty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh are feared as almost superhuman by their opponents so pity the president when Misty took him on to the sand for a spin, showing him how to hold his arms straight out for the ball and “playing some pepper” with him, batting the ball back and forth a few times.

Hard though that was, it was easier than the other dilemma May-Treanor gave him by offering him her bottom to pat in encouragement as the players often do on court. Bush nervously smiled and tapped her on the small of her back with the back of his hand.

Bush plays beach volleyballOver with the boys, he posed more comfortably despite being missed by Jake Gibb who turned up on the court for practice visibly annoyed at how many people were there.

When another player nodded the president’s way, Gibb took it in typically chilled-out beach-dude style.

“Hey! Who’s that guy?” he grinned, backslapping the president.

Reuters pictures by Carlos Barria


can’t imagine why he didn’t want to watch the shooting


the only arms involvement in china at rhe moment are the human ones so he was not in a hurry

Posted by sam mizzi | Report as abusive

Hey, c’mon, at least this is a president who tries to behave. Could you imagine Berlusconi being “proffered a pert buttock to pat”?

Posted by Luca | Report as abusive

Or Bill Clinton?

Posted by Kevin Fylan | Report as abusive

Swedish newspapers published more pics, showing Bush being a real PIG, giving one of the grils a slap on the buttom and another where he holds his hand on the girls’ butt. if any leader of an European country would try to do such a thing, he or she would had the head chopped off!

Posted by Jojja Jun | Report as abusive

The opportunity to talk-down a tyrant, and these people are playing grabass and posing for photos with him? For shame, these athletes are supposed to represent the best of our country.

Posted by Turtleproof | Report as abusive

Having met Berlusconi on many an occasion and been subject to his flirting, I don’t have much of a doubt what he would have done.
In Bush’s defence, he did not grab anybody’s bottom. He posed with his arms around them and tapped Misty’s back.

Posted by Jane Barrett | Report as abusive

I could care less what a bunch of unfulfilled, talentless losers who hate Bush post. These girls – athletic, sexy, talented, rich, hard-working, disciplined, dedicated and the best in the world at what they do seem to like the guy. I’ll trust they’re impressions of him over a dead-beat, pissed off socialist anytime. They won gold and thank the president. Eat it, punks. Oh, and for the record, Noam Chomsky throws a football like an eight year old girl.

Posted by Joseph Iruku | Report as abusive

A tyrant? What exactly is the tyranny under which you strain, Turtlepoop?

Posted by ccoffer | Report as abusive

Ccoffer – Don’t waste your time on the likes of turtle-whatever.

Remember the reason not to try to teach a pig to sing. It just wastes your time, and annoys the pig.

Posted by Andrew X | Report as abusive

May and Walsh also thanked Bush, among the others they thanked in their victory interview: their families and so on. But the Bush thanks was expunged from later repeats of the interview, because anyone who deviates from the MSM political meme must be silenced in the name of tolerance and enlightened wisdom.

Posted by Victor Erimita | Report as abusive

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