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August 12, 2008

Natalie Coughlin

Gold medallist Natalie Coughlin (C) of the U.S. wipes away tears as she stands with silver medallist Kirsty Coventry (L) of Zimbabwe and bronze medallist Margaret Hoelzer (R) of the U.S. during the medal ceremony for the women’s 100 meters backstroke swimming final during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games August 12, 2008. REUTERS/David Gray

Gary Hershorn writes: Emotions run high at the Olympics so it is always nice to see an athlete let loose and cry upon winning or receiving their gold medal. U.S. swimmer Natalie Coughlin cried on the victory podium and then again on the pool deck as she stood in front of photographers completely unable to contain her emotions. This never fails to produce a strong emotional photo.

Gary Hershorn is news Editor, Reuters Pictures, America. For a selection of other great Reuters pix from the Games click here. For the previous day’s chosen picture¬†click here.


Congratulations! You GO girl!!! I am betting that we are long lost cousins, glad to see you do so well.
Thanks for representing the USA so well. Joanne

Posted by Joanne Coughlin | Report as abusive

Michael Phelps was crying too only it was coming out as The Hulk instead of tears.

Posted by Neal | Report as abusive

Thank you for winning the 100 meters backstroke.I am 9 years old and I am learning to swim now. I hope some day I will learn to swim like you.I am so proud of you.
Congratulations The USA is proud of you!!!!!!!

Posted by DaQuandra | Report as abusive

Hi DaQuandra. The best thing about the Olympics is seeing young people inspired by great performances. I hope we see you competing in the Games in 2016.

Posted by Kevin Fylan | Report as abusive

Great Achievment!I always wanted to swim.I need an inspiration from a woman like you to start swimming.

Vineeta Vij

Posted by vineeta | Report as abusive

Great Achievement!I always wanted to learn to swim.You are my inspiration to start swimming.

Wishing you all the best wishes for more medals.

Vineeta Vij(India_

Posted by vineeta | Report as abusive

Really Great, US Rocks & Hey Vineeta Vij, I appreciate your passion to become Swimmer.

Just Keep Walking……

Posted by Kuldeep Sharma | Report as abusive

Really Great, US Rocks & Hey Vineeta Vij, I appreciate your passion to become swimmer. You may also be there.

Just Keep Walking….

Posted by Kuldeep Sharma | Report as abusive

i fell like joining in the olympics cause i like it its are lot of fun i wish i could join the olympics when i grow up


Hi my name is cynthia i go to school at GI primary i like my teacher because she is good to me sometimes and US rocks


please sent photo olampic

Posted by hamid | Report as abusive

Kirsty Coventry you rock keep it up


pls how can i get lif matches of olympic 2008 on internet


i need live olympic games


Congratulations Kirsty!! we’re proud of you! hope to see you again on the medal podium soon!


that was so pretty Coughlin, keep de fire burning!

Posted by shadi | Report as abusive

Truley a sportswomen. It is amazing to see emotions about achieving in a sport. That is very bold and courageous.

Posted by Melissa | Report as abusive

I think it’s a very honest photo. It’s refreshing to see something so real, and as I said before I hope it proves inspirational for a lot of people.

Posted by Kevin Fylan | Report as abusive

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