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August 14, 2008

elbow injury

If you’re in any way squeamish, look away before you’ve spotted what is wrong!

Russell Boyce writes: Officials gather round a young man who has a distressed look in his face. Parental looking figures try to help. What is the matter, the mind asks? The eye is drawn from the distressed face to the hand that is being held … no, that looks OK. Then the eye is led along to the elbow. Oh no … elbows shouldn’t bend that way!

PHOTO: Officials attend to Janos Baranyai of Hungary after he injured himself during the men’s 77kg Group B snatch weightlifting competition at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games August 13, 2008. REUTERS/Yves Herman

Russell Boyce is Reuters chief photographer, Asia. For a selection of other great Reuters pix from the Games click here. For yesterday’s picture of the day click here.


OUCH……..Can that be fixed and will he ever lift weights again??

Posted by Debora Edholm | Report as abusive

@ Deborah:

Yes it can be fixed. Doctors will just have to reset it into place (then lots of healing time depending if there is anything ripped or broke). He will be able to do things, but I doubt he will weightlift again, as weightlifting may be a little to strenuous on it.

Posted by Kurt | Report as abusive

I guess he’ll be getting fat now not being able to lift weights. Looks like he’ll be hitting up McDonald’s for some cheeseburgers soon. lol But seriously I feel bad for the guy. Accidents DO happen. Nobody should have to experience this kind of injury. I know the feeling sort of. I strained out the muscle in my lower spine. Hurt like hell and never felt any kind of pain like that my entire life! 6 weeks to 3 months without touching weights then. This is far worse, you’ve got a separated bone from the socket of his elbow that probably needs to be infused back together or something. He’ll live at least. Hope his country didn’t feel ashamed about this. He better be considered a hero anyway.

Posted by it's so sad | Report as abusive

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