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Fraser makes it double delight for Jamaica

August 17, 2008

Fraser makes it a Jamaica doubleShelly-Ann Fraser roared clear of the pack to win the Olympic gold medal in the women’s 100 metres and complete a sprint double for Jamaica.

Fraser finished ahead of Kerron Stewart and Sherone Simpson, who dead-heated for silver in a Jamaican clean sweep at the Bird’s Nest on Sunday.

It followed Usain Bolt’s extraordinary victory in the men’s 100 metres on Saturday and confirmed Jamaica as the world’s sprint capital.

Was it all down to Yam power again?

Or is there some other reason why Jamaica is so good? Let us know in the comments.

PHOTO: Shelly-Ann Fraser of Jamaica celebrates winning the women’s 100m final of the athletics competition in the National Stadium at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games August 17, 2008. REUTERS/Gary Hershorn


I said it yesterday, I will say it again. For years, Jamaican and Caribbean sprinters had to settle for the minor places behind the drug cheats who won Olympic and World titles. Now with the stringent drug testing, the cheats are falling away, and the finally the Caribbean can take its rightful place as a sprint powerhouse.

Even more satisfying is that the talent is trained locally, vindicating the hardworking, committed Jamaican coaches.

Congratulations girls! Your place has been cemented in the history books.

Posted by Wayne | Report as abusive

Jamaica to the W O R L D…

Posted by shawn | Report as abusive

Just beautiful, man. Jamaica magic.

Posted by jf | Report as abusive

I agree 100% with Wayne. I also heard some American commentators saying before the track events started that because of the doping there was a ‘cloud’ over track and field. That only applies to the Americans who were the ones doing the doping and these results prove that fact. Track and field is just fine ask any Jamaican or Caribbean citizen.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

never say die, more yam power

Posted by hyacinh | Report as abusive

Yam power indeed. These goes the spirit of the true JAMAICA

Posted by hyacinh | Report as abusive

More yam power. An expression of the true Jamaican spirit

Posted by hyacinh | Report as abusive

The Americans are such sore losers. They are protesting that their own runner Torri Edwards false started, and so they want a re-run of the race.

They are also protesting that since two silver medals are to be awarded, they should get a bronze medal.

As a result the medal ceremony has been delayed.

They should make up their minds. If they think the race was illegal why ask for a bronze medal to be awarded to them?

Posted by Wayne | Report as abusive

This had to happen it was just a matter of time. A lot of previous winners or runners up for both the mens and womens 100m, where either born in Jamaica or are of Jamaican parentage. However they did not represent Jamaica.

I knew our girls would come through and they done this with style and dignity. The Green Banana, Yam and dump is working extremely well.

Proud to be a Jamaican, Proud of our Girls. USA except the fact you lost and don’t be bad sport women.. (If someone made a false start it would have been noticed.)

Oh by the way Sanya Richards is Jamaican… So even if she wins for the USA.. Us Jamaican will claim her as she truly belongs to US the beautiful island JAMAICA.

This one is for the entire Caribbean

Posted by freedom | Report as abusive

Here here Wayne! A level playing field is finally showing where the true talent lies. Merlene Ottey, Grace Jackson and Juliet Cuthbert were robbed for yeeears! Even a lot of the American standouts have Jamaican or Caribbean roots. You only hear they are “Jamaican-born” when a drug test proves positive … a la Ben Johnson


Jamaica! 1! 2! 2! BOOM!


on both counts i agree with your comments wayne..finally Jamaica is on center stage where they should be and not behind drug cheats

Yam power and Jamaica to the world

Posted by Niks | Report as abusive

Congratulations to Jamaica!
Its like the Biblical David v/s Goliath!
Blessed Be!


Home grown, organic fresh legs will always be better than the fast food drug enhanced ones.The big countries with all their drugs have finally cancelled each other out.Watch me now track is back!

Posted by double | Report as abusive

She came out like the former world heavy weight champion, Smoking Joe Frazer, but shoe was smilling knowing that she had already defeated the world Champion, Veronica Campbell in Jamaica. In fact all three Jamaicans deteated the fellow Jamaica Veronica Campbell at the national championships in Kingston. It was the fastest 100m metre womens race of all time, so it was natural that all the Americans would have been left in the proverbial smoke. Jamaica, the sprint capital of the world has taken its rightful place after suffering at the hand of drugs cheats for years.

Posted by Conroy | Report as abusive

Jamaica is a cultural super-state. Its foods, music and sports are world leading brands. The latest results from the olympic games are evidence to support that claim.

Posted by Conroy | Report as abusive

Great stuff! Though not a Jamaican, I am of Caribbean decent! It is great that many of the shakers in people of color are arising from the Carribean!!! This is either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd even 4th generation decendents! Long live the Caribbean! Long live the colonies!!!!

Posted by Polo67 | Report as abusive

Jamaica Three flags should go up for the medal ceremony! There is absolutely no room for those sore losers! It seems that for American Runners no drugs means no medal hush guys. Yam Power! Jamaica to d world!!!

Posted by Sandii | Report as abusive

YAM…ACKEE … BOIL DIMPLING … GREEN BANANA …JAMAICAN ADVERSITY HOPE AND AMBITION NEVER FAILS. As a Jamaican and Caribbean I am extremly proud, we have been dominating the track and are a future power to reckoned with in this sport. Congrats to other Caribbean countries that placed and made it to the 100 m Men’s and Women’s Final so far: Trinidad, St. Kitts, Bahamas, Netherland Antiles, Cuba…Did I leave anyone out…? Let’s all unite and let them know ‘Dem nuh see nuttun’ yet!!’

Posted by Gillian | Report as abusive

Wayne, i agree on all points referred to. It is about time Jamaica shine in the international sporting spotlight. I shed grateful tears when they crossed that line this morning and I am positive that many Jamaicans across the world did the same!

These lovely ladies have made us unbelievably proud and not even a hissy-fit from the petulant US can dampen our spirits.It is our time now and they can’t accept it.It must be hard for them accepting defeat at their own game. Tsk, tsk.

Posted by sue | Report as abusive

YAM power mi seh… JAMAICA standing strong!!!

Posted by Nyah | Report as abusive

yam, dumpling, green banana, dasheen come study us. btw you get a bronze medal for third place not fourth.

Posted by Andrew | Report as abusive

Yeah man….Yam, cassava, dumpling (green banana, corn and flour), potato, dasheen, coco, steamfish and okra, chicken back, ackee and saltfish and dutty gyal are the foods that build us. What are they trying to prove? They can test all they want it’s just in us. We are of african descent watered down a bit. The Africans can run the long distances we are the other way around, we are sprinters. I’m so proud to be Jamaican. A we dem jus cyaa stop, it bun dem…… the world.


I think it is about time that the jamaican runners got what they truly deserve, those americans have been cheating for a long time. In the words of Shelly Ann Fraser. “Yam, banana and dumpling produce the top three”. Big up Jamamica and lets hope Usain Bolt give us another performace when it comes to the 200 metres. Respect

Posted by Terry-Ann | Report as abusive

USA need to accept DEFEAT & move on,& they are protesting the race, well that only means that they need to protest EVERY SINGLE race that some1 “supposedly” false started. I just cant believe that such a country (USA) continues to break down anyone in there path,JAMAICA WIN FAIR & SQUARE, JA TO THE WORL.

Posted by toni | Report as abusive

Jamaica To De world the Playing Feild Level Right now the US have been cheating us for Years..they rob Merlene ottey of alot Gold medals and i’m glad That its now our time shine.Big up Shelly ann fraser and the whole Jamaica team

Posted by Damion karbine | Report as abusive

its been years i have been waiting for this moment knowing that the jamaicans who have been fighting so hard for that gold medal as a clean sprinters and not some drungs enchanced dopers has finally get their right to hard working effort those americans have been cheating all years.that year justin gatlin won under the drugs enchance doping in his body was unfair and nobody protest about it following marian jones who is in jail now. god bless jamaicans and we will continue to get gold in beijing.


I’m extremely proud of these girls! They actually made me cry! I cried because I’m witness to how hard they train and how much they wanted this! Muna lee is complaining that Tori Edwards false start threw her game off so was Stewarts’ game. N she had one of the worst starts I have ever seen her had n she fought her way 2 second place! If lee wanted it so much she could off. These Americans just need 2 admit they lost fair and square. Its the JAMAICANS time to shine and they deserved it.The semi-finals time dont lie! Fraser and Stewart had the two fastest times coming into the finals! I must admit I wasn’t expecting Simpson to perform the way she did n I’m extremely sorry I doubted her. How there these Americans to protest the way they did? I’m disgusted! If they say they are the best just prove it in the 4×1 and if you win tops off to you all!

Posted by RAQUEL | Report as abusive

I am so proud to be jamaican. It is truly a delight to see our young men and ladies given the oppertunity to show their natural born talent.
yam power and we wi nu finish yet….jamaica….jamaica

Posted by symo | Report as abusive

big up jam down we showing da americans dat we da best with out dope america is the greediest country in da world they neva like to see a other counrty wins because they always want to be on top greedy mother sucka’s that is why they invade iraq for dem oil


We had a national festival song a few years ago that said…
“Whoooayy!!, fe we islant a BOOM!!”
That’s what it means.

Posted by Nigel | Report as abusive

Congrats to the beautiful Jamaican girls. They deserve this. For far too long they have been defeated by DRUGS!!!! The fear of been caught has made this olympics probably the cleanest of all time. The field has been leveled.

Not surprisingly though, the Americans could not be out done. Amazingly we hear an athlete say “I thought I false started…”. how do you think you false started when the field has professionals who are trained and paid to know these things? And, false starting gives you and unfair edge, how do you end up not winning? finally, amazingly, it is teh atlete who finishes last that appeals against herself?

Did I hear someone say, DUMB?!!!!!!!

Posted by Michael Khreuz | Report as abusive

So cool!

It’s been a pleasure to see such great athletes from Jamaica! They don’t need any drugs…they’ve been running up and down the hills of beautiful Jamaica from when they were born! That alone is great training.

I’m so impresses with the fact that they were found clean after having to endure so many drug tests, this proves that this was done on natural talent, and that they are not cheats. An honest win.

Congratulations to Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser!

Congratulations also to the silver medal winners Sherone Simpson and Kerron Stewart. That is also an amazing accomplishment as well!


After a trot to the African coast in shackeles, and a ship ride across the Atlantic to South America , then up to Jamaica, only the fittest slaves could have survided this ordeal. The genes of those slaves are in Jamaican people. But even more than that is the passion we have for sports and the fierce ambition that can only be satidfied by achieving the very best. We love we yam, yes, but yam alone doth not an olympic chamipion make. Shelly-Ann shows that hard work pays off! Congrats!!!

Posted by mer | Report as abusive

Why all the USA bashing here? We love you and the wonderful Jamaican athletes. Because someone thinks they false started (they flinched, so what), and we are trying to help some countries around the world, doesn’t mean we are jealous, envious, spiteful or any other bad thing you think. For you bashing people you don’t know, take another jit and chill.

Posted by john | Report as abusive

What a world we live in where the Jamaicans can claim the US as being more drug-aided than themselves.

Besides Marian Jones…whose admission is very shameful to me and my country…who do you want to attribute this blanket statement to??

Your very own Ben Johnson?

If drugs were the reason for all previous US victories, how did Bolt suddenly shatter the world record when no other “drug-free” Jamaican came close to his numbers in years past? Seems to me Usain Bolt is suspect by your own logic. Do you think Carl Lewis and Michael Johnson were doping?

Don’t make blanket statements about a nation without facts. That’s all I ask. That annoys me to no end. Congratulations on your victories. I do hope they were legitimate.

Posted by Freddy J | Report as abusive

LInford Christie 1992 100 Olympic Champ and 1996 Champ Donovan Bailey were Born In Jamaica. I think We will have more talent representing us now. There were up against two forces : lack of Financial Support and Drug Cheats.

I think more of us will now want to rep Jamaica now. We are aworld power. Dix have shut up or do it pon the track

Posted by Junior | Report as abusive

John, no one is bashing the Mighty (Goliath) USA. We are just speaking the thruth, and guess what the thruth always hurt. We are pretty decent in our response because you have others of us who are alittle more aggresive and would curse you out .

I and others in this chat do not need to go to the gutter.If I am pushed I may.But I let Usain and Shelly do all the talking. I am sure its Going to be very hard for the us to beat Jamaica and the Caribbean In the Future , and I will bet you John any amount of money on that.
Just understand that its all in The Yam and dumplin and banana that we eat

Posted by Junior | Report as abusive

Fredy J,I am so sorry you feel offened by the thruth. I dont think its just Jamaicans who think That the usa were cheats. people all over knows this. But I am an objective person and would say that not all athletes from the USA were drug cheats.
I am not sure if you were born when a little lady called flo Jo was running? And I am not sure if you know what has happened to her?
The last male to win the 2004 100 m Mens gold Olympic where is he now? Whats his name? I think he is Gatlin Not sure . But where is he now?
Where is Kelly Whyte? Tim MOntgomery? Marion (she Confess)I feeel sorry for her.
There is awhole host of Athletes from all over the world that has tested positive for drugs.So no one is bashing the Mighty USA. But When you get a Rass beating Just tek it a shutyour MF mouth.
Just sour grapes The great Usa want A race to be run over becuase Jamaica Buss dem Rass and Edwards of the usa was the one who false started.
Get a life Fredy J

Posted by Junior | Report as abusive


FloJo died from a seizure, a congenital defect, having developed before birth. So, let’s no bring her into this.

The drug tests are still to come from yesterday’s atheletes, so we will see. If they are clean I will commend them for a job well done.

Freddy J

Posted by Freddy J | Report as abusive


Posted by Don Bates | Report as abusive

Freddy J, Keep waiting. I am just happy that finally the sport is rid of the annoying american cheats. There are good kids like Lauryn and Muna that don’t need that crap hanging over their heads because they are TALENTED unlike the ones who are now dead or in jail or on suspension etc etc.

Posted by Don Bates | Report as abusive

and a Raaaaaaaaas beating it was indeed!


We Won and that is that; the USA never like to be critised but who does!! Freddy J and John the truth is the truth. I actually loved Flo Jo and I refused to accept the fact that she took drugs. However there is a high possibility she did.
The world will always love Flo for her outfits and HER talent. Ben Johnson Guilty (no contest). He never ran for Jamaica (Praise the Lord) Linford Christie (Great Britain)..

As for our Asapha, Michael,Usain, Shelly-ann, Sherone, Kerron and the remainder of the team. Let GOD continue to blessed them and the other Caribbean countries as we are rising and very fast. This is our time; YES I.

What we as Jamaican and our fellow Caribbeans take umbrage to is the fact is when AMERICA wins everyone must shut-up.. Even though the arrogance which is displayed on International TV and around the world is so off putting.

However did you see how the Caribbean Nations handled their victory.. Trinidad and Jamaica, oh and Dix!! Learn from this!

Humility is the best thing. This is not a bashing of the USA… IT is something that is noticed through out the world and the majority of the world would agree. The MIGHTY POWER is not everyone ones friend.

However we will celebrate from all corners of the world as that is how far us JAMAICANS travel and do it…. JAMAICA, JAMAICA….. more YAM POWER. LOL (Beijing 2008).

Posted by Marcel | Report as abusive

I have no Sour Grapes for the Jamaicans winning every medal in the Olympics. I just said stop bashing the US, just to bash the US. I’m very happy for all the winners out there. Of course, I love my country, and would love to see the USA win every event, but it’s great to see the sacrifice and hard work ALL these competitors have made, and watch the best competitor win. There have been some great moments out there, China’s Gymnastics Golds, Nastia Luiken’s overall, Usain’s insane run, Phelps incredible swimming, the Romanian girls beautiful Floor routine, and many more. Focus on that, not whose country is better or has more medals. …………….. As for your comment about learning how to act when you win, maybe Usain could eat a slice of humble pie.

Posted by john | Report as abusive

It is a great day, Great moment for all Jamaicans. Our Athletes did us proud!!! Let the World stand and see that “wi little but wi tallawah” Go JA,!!!!!


Well let the facts about doping speak for themselves Freedy J. You are correct, we shouldn’t make blanket statements. Please read the articles found at these links: -team-stripped-sydney-gold-medal 05.htm

Posted by Wayne | Report as abusive

We finally did it. I am so proud of all our three star athletes. Way to go.

Posted by Aloha | Report as abusive

Usain was not boasting I think he came out to show the rest of the world that we are fasttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. I am proud.

Posted by Aloha | Report as abusive

As a Canadian married to a Trinidadian (in the Caribbean)and who is fairly knowledgeable about sports, it is amazing to hear the US and the Americans expressing sudden surprise or comments about the wins by Bolt and Fraser in the sprints from Jamaica and the Caribbean..Let’s look at a little history…Who won the gold in Montreal ’76 ? Hasely Crawford from Trinidad (with a few other Caribbean in the final).. In 1996, Donovan Bailey , a Canadian born in Jamaica.
Before him, it was Linford Christie of the UK of Jamaican lineage. Let’s look back at some of the sprint finals and you will notice the depth of the representation from the Caribbean.
Look at how many other runners who have been in finals at the worlds, the Olympics in the last 30 years…What about Ato Boldon (trinidad) who won several medals and races, or Thompson from Barbados..What about Bruny Surin (Haiti)..I could go on and on…There are even some American sprinters with parents who hailed from the islands !! And let’s not forget the French runners most of the top ones who hail from Martinique and Guadeloupe such as the 1996 Olympic Champion Marie-Jose Perec.
These 2 French islands have produced France’s best sprinters year after year and for a long time…

Posted by Daniel | Report as abusive

I am a Jamaican live here all my life. What I don’t see mention is that before we were even 4 years old we are running (you know them nice sport day when we have house race at school every second term). Fast running also have to do with our culture, if you should be in a race an come last I would be sorry for you, other people or student would trouble you for days also if you should make another person win you in a race that person would do you the same that person would trouble you for days so you will always want to come first. As for the food we always have a talk were we would say a “good food”, if a person run an win we would say a good food do it, if the person should not win we would say that person want more yam banana and dumplin breadfruit and the list goes on. In school here in Jamaica if you should left you PE outfit one day you are in trouble with the teacher maybe he will take you to the principal office there is so many thing that make us running so fast just like music is in us and we do it the best and every thing we do we do it good. IT IS IN OUR CULTURE…. THE WORLD NUH SEE NOTHING YET WAIT TILL WI HAVE MORE MONEY BECAUSE A THAT A KEEP WI BACK….. I saw a lot of fast people after leaving school and just give up on running because there is no money for them to keep it up, they have to work for small amount of money i could go on typing all day Me seh a wi culture if you want to run like asafa an blot on any of the girls you will have to born here and live here for at least 10 year before you left jamaica.

Posted by jamdeyah | Report as abusive

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