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August 20, 2008

Bolt gesturesJamaica’s Usain Bolt completed a breathtaking sprint double at the Beijing Games on Wednesday, breaking the 200 metres world record that many had thought unbreakable to take his second Olympic gold medal.

The contrast between this and his winning run in the 100 could hardly have been more marked, as this time he gave it everything he had to go under the old best mark, Michael Johnson’s 19.32, by two hundredths of a second.

While Bolt had ambled through the final quarter of the 100, and easily lowered the world record to 9.69, this time he was grimacing with effort as he made for the finish.

There was no one within two, three metres of him as he dipped for the line, glanced over at the clock and leapt with joy as the clock stopped at 19.31.

That was soon rounded down to 19.30 – a mark that will surely not be bettered, certainly by no one else, for a long time to come.

It completed an incredible sprint double for the world’s fastest man and cast an indelible mark on the Olympics. None of us in the 91,000 crowd at the Bird’s Nest will forget it.

What did you make of his performance? What does it mean for Jamaica?

Let us know in the comments.

PHOTO: Usain Bolt of Jamaica gestures after finishing first in his men’s 200m semi-final of the athletics competition at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in the National Stadium August 19, 2008. REUTERS/David Gray


Even better than the 100 ……. this will make all those people who criticised him for his style shut up.

Posted by Jade | Report as abusive

Michael Johnson has already called him “Superman 2″. That sounds about right after watching that…

Posted by Kevin Fylan | Report as abusive

Oh my gosh. That is all.

Posted by diana | Report as abusive

De Bwoy can run and run he did….. YAM POWER….

Posted by Marcel | Report as abusive

Said it before, say it again, Best. Olympian. Ever.

Posted by jf | Report as abusive

Amazing, just watched it. I did enjoy the nonchalance of the 100m tho. A lot.

Posted by athomewithhercules | Report as abusive

Michael Johnson…….Jamaicans don’t play number 2

Number One……..Number One….Number One…..

Usain is not Superman 2…..he is the sprint God


Usain Bolt was unbelievable on his 200 meter !

Just like the 100 meter i can watch this movie over and over again!

Posted by b | Report as abusive

There can only be 1 superman….its USAIN… NO number 2 thing round ere rasta…


this is the race he cared about and he achieved his goal of winning in record time….the 100m was just to easy for him to go flat out…..i hope the critics write some appologetics columns…….

Posted by otto lezama | Report as abusive

Usain has driven his competitors totally insane!!! What manner of man is this? You only see such a performer every 100 years or soo

Posted by Rohan DaCosta | Report as abusive

INCREDIBLE! Usain has done something that even the great Michael Johnson is in awe of. WOW!


Hail di trelawny yam !!

bloodcleet i woulda buy him a whole bar fi drink right now !

Happy Birthday !

Posted by Rohan | Report as abusive

Thank ou Usian,and all Jamaican olympians.
Di hol worl turn to look @ Jamaica and.. its positive

Posted by Dawn | Report as abusive

Compare to Bolt, Phelps is just a one week side show.

Posted by Edward | Report as abusive

Bolt’s achievement was amazing in track and field, but Phelps stole the show for this Olympics. His performance was no doubt the best and nobody can take that away from him. Good for the sport of swimming!

Posted by Naomi | Report as abusive

This boy is blessed- awesome performance -great personality


on the biggest sporting stage Bolt delivered, big time. An absolutely incredible performance, the 200m world record, has a new worthy custodian.

Posted by Neil Barnaby | Report as abusive

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