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August 21, 2008

Heavy horse

This is one of those pictures that really makes you wish we had a caption competition.

Hang on a minute … Why don’t we have a caption competition just for once? No prizes, I’m afraid, but if you feel inspired send in your ideas in the comments. The serious caption we sent out with the pic is below, but I’m sure you can do better…

PHOTO: David Svoboda of Czech Republic fails a jump on horse HunHun during the men’s riding show jumping event of the modern pentathlon competition at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, August 21, 2008. REUTERS/Desmond Boylan


I asked you not to dig your heels into ….
OK buddy, here’s where you get off!

Posted by Char Brown | Report as abusive

“The Aussie’s took their annoyance at the Poms’ success to extremes when they gave ‘Her Majesty’ a half dozen XXXX’s with whisky chasers before competing…” ry/0,25197,24202767-5015684,00.html

Posted by Jon T | Report as abusive

nurse can I have another pillow please? This ones a bit hard

Posted by james durkan | Report as abusive

hmmm … not quite as comfy as my beanbag chair

(actually, this is really scary; this is how riders get killed)

Posted by Bill L | Report as abusive

now YOU jump!

Posted by Art | Report as abusive

Just Cannot Get Rid Of This Itch.


Scratching The Itch


When do I get be the big spoon?

Posted by d. Mueller | Report as abusive

Say uncle!

Posted by Davine Apuzzo | Report as abusive

Say uncle

Posted by Davine Apuzzo | Report as abusive

caption: Horse uses man as recliner

Posted by Aaron Coin | Report as abusive

How do you feel, buddy? You always do it to me…

Posted by Gopakumar Warrier | Report as abusive

Ahhhhhh this is the life , now he knows what it feels like with someone sitting on you……

Posted by Catherine Leith | Report as abusive


Posted by mohdfaidzal | Report as abusive

The really amazing thing is he got back up on the horse and finished the course!

Posted by Erik Kirschbaum | Report as abusive

I’ll do this without your help, thank you.

Posted by Paul Verhagen | Report as abusive

Hun-Hun fell on her bun-bun

Posted by Connee Laningham | Report as abusive

oh! not on horse back but on chair back???

Posted by sibu | Report as abusive

Got my comfy chair nice and ready, now all I need is a beer.

(But I do agree with Bill L further up the thread, this is very dangerous and it’s good to hear that the rider got up and finished the course after such a fall.)


Don’t worry, folks — the horse is alright.

Posted by anonymouse | Report as abusive

Who’s holding the whip hand now?

Posted by jf | Report as abusive

Never work with children or animals

Posted by jf | Report as abusive

Spain’s attempt to incorporate the Macarena into Dressage routine receives cool response.

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I was trying to talk to some people today about modern pentathlon but they didn’t know what the 5 sports are…or anything else about the sport (to be honest, I didn’t know much either until a few weeks ago). But then when I mentioned this picture, everyone knew what the sport was. Amazing. At the women’s modern pentathlon tonight, there was suddenly a lot of photographers from around the world hanging out after the incredible shots from the men’s competition last night — they were looking for more pictures of horses on top of riders. I was chiding a few of them for their peculiar interest, which they openly admitted. Many left after an hour because the track wasn’t as slick and there were hardly any tumbles like last night.

Posted by Erik Kirschbaum | Report as abusive

“Hung like a …. hey, wait a minute!”


Does this come with a rider?

Posted by Toby | Report as abusive

David Svoboda of Czech Republic and his horse HunHun practice breathing methods at an equine Lamaze class, Beijing, August 21, 2008. REUTERS/Desmond Boylan

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