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August 26, 2008

Last man sitting

Well, not quite the Bird’s Nest, but from the Reuters office at the Main Press Centre, just down the road.

Thanks for coming by and making this blog such a lively place during the Olympics. It might not quite be the end — the blog will still be here, the comments will remain open and we may well have a few more posts on Games-related issues — but I’m on my way out of Beijing (the office is being dismantled around me, as you can see).

Thanks too to China for hosting such a great Games, and to all my colleagues from Reuters text and pictures who posted here.

If you’re just stumbling across this blog, have a scroll down, check back through previous pages and look at some of the many brilliant pieces from long before the Games started and all the way through to the end. You could while away a good few hours here if you want to relive the Olympics. 

If you’re a fan of soccer/football you may want to drop by the Reuters Soccer Blog here. Otherwise, roll on London 2012….

Kevin Fylan 


Celebration of Olympics Bronzes

What happened?
How can we lose gold count to China, a third world country?
Let’s have a national holiday of mourning. No one objects I bet!
Let’s have a national contest of the best excuses of winning so less gold medals.
It has to be the BEST, so it could worth a gold in this category.

What to do?
Borrow more money from China to buy foreign coaches…
No Speedo to Australia and China.
My secret weapon is to import 8 Jamaican runners. Money talks!
Bribe the judges (a little harder as everyone hates us but money talks again).
Change all the rules to our favor: 5 medals for basketball, 1 for table tennis, 0 for diving…
All tiebreakers must go our way as our sponsors own the Olympics.
We will amplify their “shortcomings”:
copying our advance lip sing technique, working too hard, starting before you can walk…
The Chinese must have put slippery jell on our batons and/or the gym apparatus.
Develop a dope that can take out all dope traces from our body.
“One country, all medals” is our new Olympics slogan.
The more wishfully we think, the closer we succeed.

How to heal now, really?
Write to Dear Abby for starter.
Bronze is the same as gold if not better.
If you do not believe me, ask any blind person here.
It is harder to get a bronze as we have to LET two others to win.
We’ll train our athletes for the bronze from now on.
NBC should interview bronze winners only as they are the real winners.
Actually we’ll be happier to be #3 and build a better relationship with other nations.
Stop laughing. It is a fact!!!
Phelps, we love you more with 8 bronze medals – it is no easy job to let 2 and ONLY 2 pass you 8 times.

If everything does not work, turn ugly.
Ask McDonald’s and KFC to give away their “food” (better than opium) to China FREE, so their next generation will be so fat that they cannot walk to the subway station.
Send soldiers to grab the medals, esp. gold. Hey, we have the best offense.
Will the world be better if we only fought for gold medals only (bronze medals in our case)?
What an Olympic spirit to celebrate the winning of the bronze!

– The author is Tony Pow. 8/22/08. Created for fun. No politics. No dumb nationalism. No ego. 90% false, 10% true. 100% fun. Hope no offense to you. Please feel free to distribute/change… —

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ugh… don’t complain… jeez… at least you got more than Australia you selfish *****


oops! By the way… Speedo started in Australia.


ah,your idea is cute.Chinese is the host of olympic this time,this will be the reason for 51 gold medals

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Destiny of the Bird\’s Nest and the World Economy

Bird\’s Nest is an architectural achievement besides the glory it has brought to the Olympics and China. What will happen to the $450M structure? It would be a shame to let it just fade in history. Perhaps this blog and all blogs related to the Bird\’s Nest should direct their comments to creative ideas on how to make use of the Bird’s Nest for the 21st century.

As a starter, I would suggest to the Chinese government (major world traders and UN) to consider offering (asking) it for housing a meaningful UN presence at the Bird’s Nest and an economical stimulus program which is designed to stimulate the weakened global economy and to sustain a healthy world economical development for decades to come.

For this purpose, a recent article, entitled, Global Barter Stimulus Program, ulusProgram.html,
is a relevant proposal in which it has Presented an idea of stimulating and sustaining the global economy via a country to country large scale bartering program to immediately guarantee credits and trades to each other to stimulate the economy of the participating bartering countries and the global commerce. The use of the Bird’s Nest for such an idea by setting up a permanent world bartering arena, inviting global major trading countries to participate (rotating and continuous) and stimulating global commerce may be a timely idea with immediate effective impact to the global economy. Hence, it may be a worthy proposal for China, major world traders and UN to consider. Bloggers\’ wisdom are called to add their comments to accelerate the realization of a meaningful proposal. Then perhaps, the Bird’s Nest will become a giant hatching nest to hatch deals to sustain global economy and world economical development.

Dr. Wordman, NY, USA ulusProgram.html


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