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September 16, 2008

A victory celebration

Sebastian Coe says London is undaunted at having to follow Beijing when it hosts the next Summer Olympics and Paralympics in 2012.

“It’s a massive responsibility,” the chairman of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games told a news conference on the eve of the closing ceremony of the Paralympics.

“We don’t find it daunting. I can only relate it to when I was sitting in a stadium when I was still a competitor watching an outstanding performance in my own event,” added the twice Olympic champion middle distance runner. 

“I didn’t feel cowed by it, I went out and wanted to emulate it or even better it… Beijing has delivered a spectacular Games and we will also deliver a spectacular Games.”

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PHOTO: Brazil’s Lucas Prado (R) celebrates with his guide after they won the men’s 100M T11 final at the Bird’s Nest, during the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, Sept 9, 2008. REUTERS/David Gray


We (London) have none of the resources determination or preperation needed in order to remotley match the beijing games. Our best hope is to highlight our ‘originality’ ‘inclusivness’ and ‘art’ and hope that underlining these less tangible aspects can make at least some people believe our games matched theirs

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I am an overseas abled body brit living and working in Shanghai and I have to write to say how fantastic and amazing I have found the paralympics !!!!!!!!!!! forget about the olympics, i have never been so glued to watching the games as I have to the Paralympics,there are so many amazing and astonising moments that left an impact on me… I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY I HAVE NEVER SEEN COVERAGE OF any other paralympics on TV before and only now here in Beijing am I seeing it… !!! i clicked to read about it on the UK Yahoo site and there is NOTHING…. Is it even being broadcasted in the UK or anywhere else on major channels? TELL ME AM I WRONG BUT WHY ISnt THERE the same COVERAGE LIKE THE Olympics GAMESSSSSSSSS for the Paralypics, it doesnt make sense…..some many people like myself will benefit from watching amazing athelets proform and prove they are as good an anyone else…I HAVE TO SAY THANKYOU CHINA….

Posted by joanne swift | Report as abusive

hahhaha Mr Coe is dreaming u cant surpass Beijing olympic nor equalling , ur goverment want WAR ust like ur brother USA ….u dont have such big money,,,ha ha ha ha MORON

Posted by dudes | Report as abusive

The BBC in the UK did quite a good job covering the Paralympics. Although not treating it equally as Beijing had wonderfully done, there was quite a lot of coverage and in some ways it was better – with the anchors out and about much more.


You bet it’s going to be a daunting task and with current market conditions it’s going be a tough job …

Posted by VN | Report as abusive

Cancel the Olympic games and save the nation billions of pounds which could be put to a more useful cause.

Posted by dennis neill | Report as abusive

I refuse to believe that Lord Coe and his cronies did not realise that the London games were going to cost vastly more than the original estimate. They relied on getting the Government to commit to the games, and knew that they would then have to raise the money somehow. As a result many good causes – many vastly more deserving than the games have been starved of vital funds.Who really cares how many golds we get ? Many of the results are likely to be influenced by increasingly sophisticated “enhancements”. So what value have they anyway ?

Posted by N Wigg | Report as abusive

I am certain the Brits will offer a fantastic event, the same as the Chinese have.It is sad to see even a sports article being used as a nation bashing arena. We as a global economy need to pull together, recognize the differences we all have and move forward towards ending poverty and acheiving global prosperity.


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