Changing China

Giant on the move

U.S. expats discuss Obama’s visit over a beer

November 17, 2009

Beijing’s local Americans believe Obama can maintain his popularity with the Chinese public just as long as he focuses on their main interests - trade relations and the fate of the huge Chinese holdings of U.S. government debt.

Tim’s Texas BBQ restaurant offers Beijing’s several thousand expat Americans grilled ribs, beer and live TV coverage of the President’s visit to China, from  November 15 to 18.  Chinese President Hu Jintao and American President Barack Obama are expected to discuss a wide range of issues from trade to currency imbalance and climate change to human rights.



Changing China


I live in the mid west, since 2001 this area has suffered greatly, last good job I have had was in 2001. This week I looked at the Jobs for area, 26 listings, for a town of 0ver 100,000 people.

I haven’t had insurance since 2001,I haven’t been to the dentist in years. My wife a teacher, of course an over paid occupation. We cannot sell our house to move to a different area.

If you go to WAL MART you are attacked by people JUST PLEADING FOR A FEW DOLLARS, some very good folks all in the same boat, I used to finance Category Eight Trucks.

I WAS just turned down for a job shoveling turkey guts……$9 hr

I have three kids, no extras in our house, mortgage payment, not much more than rent would be…………….no new cars, and me as a father, cant even get a fast food job…………(changing China……….Hmm)

GM has now shipped most of the Jobs to India, didn’t we win there.

Im all for another another bailout of a heartless bank.

since 2001 our gas a doubled, groceries have double, my wife makes $2600 more a year than in 2001, but her insurance on the kids is now up to $400 up 76% since 2001………….. and not a Job in site to keep us above water. This is how you truly come to faith.

Yet through God somehow we are making it.

Back to Changing China (hurray for O’Bama)

I Wonder if you can eat a Nobel Peace Prize


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