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China: Green or Gray?

December 4, 2009


As Copenhagen’s climate talks draw near, more and more critics are turning to the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases and asking how much damage has been done and what is being done about it?

China’s booming double-digit growth came with a price. Coal, the dirtiest of the fossil fuels produces 80 percent of the country’s energy. But China says change is already well underway. The government recently announced that it aims to cut 2005 carbon intensity levels by 40-45 percent by 2020.


Wu Changhua, Greater China Director of think tank The Climate Group, argues that while China’s pollution levels are closely monitored, it’s green efforts often go unnoticed:


 The great retreat…

Glaciers melt by the road to Copenhagen.

High up on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, glaciers are melting at an alarming rate, according scientists at China's Institute of Sciences.

The Himalayan glaciers are receding at a rate of 20 metres every year, at this speed they may disappear altogether by 2035, according to a United Nations report.



Video credit: Jimmy Jian and Phyllis Xu

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 Proud to plug in their car

China, the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases, is also home to the electromobile.

It buzzes along at 50 kilometres an hour and it's got its own cult following in its native Shandong province.

But at the moment that is the only place it can drive, until it is given official approval.

After that, the Shifeng Group who created the electromobile hope to turn their technology to all manner of vehicles.



Video credit: Christina Hu and James Tong

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China is now selling the porducts name Jetpia to lower cars emissions by 65%, soon that well be fitting to every car,truck,van and buses. for more infromation please contact iltong tech internation LTD or call max on 07900093935 in the UK, if you so concern about how much emissions that go’s up in the air. I don’t know if there any country do more to cut emissions than China?

Posted by iltong | Report as abusive

Why the world continues to feed this vampire is beyond me. They lie, cheat, and oppress their people. They sell inferior goods at prices meant to dominate markets in a way that even the USA can’t match. Lead in toys, fake pharmacuticals, faulty electrical items, defective equipment. The list goes on and on. Meanwhile, their trade imbalance is bankrupting the US. Their refusal to responsibly float their currency is just the tip of the iceberg of their financial crimes.
They are NOT worried about pollution. This is all a smoke screen (pun intended)to afford themselves a modicum of world respect. Dont let it fool you.

Posted by RogerUSA | Report as abusive

The only vampire is the Western banking system that continues to feed off the govt. interest payments in the host countries of the West. The private central banks rule the docile corporate media controlled public. Fortunately for them though, there is China. Thanks to China the 15% or more unemployed people can buy low priced products rather than continue to feed the financial monster privatized banking system which has already looted their nations beyond belief. Pollution is the real smokescreen. Just an issue to distract you from major issues. There is no evidence that CO2 creates global warming. Man made global warming has already been refuted by thousands of prominent scientists. China tries to improve but will never be good enough for some.

Posted by b2b | Report as abusive

This is what the filthy rich do until the people of the nations they are taking advantage of demand that manufacturing be done with as little pollution as possible.This is not about producing so more can afford the products it is about producing cheaper so the wealthy have a bigger profit margin.These pictures look like Los Angeles,Detroit,Pittsburg, etc. 40 years ago.We all need to live together on this planet and the working class can,t move far enough away from the pollution to pretend it doesn’t exist.We all deserve fresh clean air and water and food.

Posted by icecreamman | Report as abusive

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