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Giant on the move

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Beijing white-out

Bird’s Nest

The snow falling in Beijing on Thursday made it hard to imagine that in just over 200 days heat and humidity will be a major factor for athletes to contend with during the Games.

The withdrawal of the Swiss dressage team from the equestrian competition last week over of fears of the safety of their horses in the humidity of Hong Kong was a reminder of how hot China can be in the Summer.  

Beijing may be 2,000 km north of Hong Kong, but in August boasts average temperatures around 25 degrees Celcius, 74 percent relative humidity and suffers frequent rainstorms. 

Of course, the Olympics have been held in hot cities before – Athens is not noted for its  low temperatures in August, while Atlanta was positively stifling for the 1996 Games.

This London bridge is not falling down

Ice sculpture in Harbin by a Reuters stringer

As ‘the beautiful game‘ requested, a picture from Harbin with a London theme — Tower Bridge in ice.

Bird’s Nest paperweight anyone?

Impromptu viewing platform

That the vast majority of the Chinese are incredibly enthusiastic about the Beijing Olympics now goes without saying.

As the showpiece of the event, the National Stadium — known to one and all as the “Bird’s Nest” — has unsurprisingly attracted fevered interest.