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Explorer running with the torch


Pupils raise their handmade model torches of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to celebrate torch relay in China at a primary school in HuzhouWong How Man is one of China’s best known and most active explorers, whose accomplishments include an expedition that discovered a new source of the Yangtze, China’s longest river.   

More recently the Hong Kong native and his group, China Exploration & Research Society, have taken on a number of conservation projects in Tibetan areas of China — work that helped him land a spot as an Olympic torch runner last week.

Wong, one of Time magazine’s Asian heroes, carried the torch briefly on a section of the route in Qinghai province — home to many Tibetans — on June 23, opting for the lower-key destination to draw attention to his work rather than the more controversial leg in Tibet.

He wrote an e-mail about his experience to Reuters Taiwan bureau chief, Doug Young:

And we name this baby — Olympic Games No. 4,001


chinese-baby.jpgchinese-baby.jpgSince China first applied to host the Olympics, more than 4,000 babies have been named Aoyun — which means ”Olympic Games,” according to the BBC. Officials in charge of identity cards say that more than 92 percent of the 4,104 registered Aoyuns are boys. 

The BBC reported that the  first surge in Aoyuns came in 1992, when China applied to host to the 2000 Games with about 680 Aoyuns registered at that time.  In 2002 another 553 babies were named Aoyuns after China was chosen to host the 2008 Games and the number has been rising ever since.