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Let’s not get our bikini bottoms in a twist


Beach volleyballersSweeping the blogosphere, there are two divergent camps when it comes to beach volleyball.

There are those who complain that it is demeaning that female athletes play in bikinis while men wear tanktops and long shorts. Then there those who post pictures of players’ posteriors with pathetic locker-room comments that seem to prove the first camp right.

But before we get our bikini bottoms in a twist, let’s head across to the Bird’s Nest where the fashions of track and field are on display. A quick glance around and, hey presto, same story.

The female athletes are in two-pieces, enviably flat stomachs on show, while the men are sporting shorts and a tanktop or one pieces.

Beach volleyball — the perfect Olympic sport?


beach volleyballWhen beach volleyball joined the Olympics in 1996, it was ridiculed in some circles as being an unashamed ploy to boost viewing figures with hotties in bikinis and beach dudes in bermudas.

Roll on 12 years and you could argue beach volleyball is the perfect modern Olympic sport.

Bush volleyball becomes an Olympic sport


Bush plays volleyball

U.S. President George W. Bush did what most people would do on a sticky day and took some time out at the beach on Saturday. The beach volleyball, that is.

The United States are favourite in both the men’s and women’s tournament and the president popped by to wish them good luck. He was not expecting to be made to actually play, nor to be proffered a pert buttock to pat.