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Beijing believer: a sideways look at the Games


The MPCMost blogs and reporter diaries from the Olympics start the same way. Your correspondent arrives in Beijing, jet-lagged but wide-eyed nonetheless, and waxes grateful about the helpful volunteers at the airport, the comfy shuttle bus to the media village and the smiling welcome from just about everyone, everywhere. And hey – even the smog isn’t as bad as everyone makes out.

Disillusion sets in a few days later, as they find access to athletes is incredibly hard to come by, you still can’t sleep properly and walking 400 metres in the city is enough to leave you with stinging eyes, a soaking shirt and an irritating cough. Damn that smog!

I arrived a week ago┬ábut decided to wait a while before starting this, to let the Beijing experience soak in for a while. Now the Games are actually about to start, I’ll be filing regularly about life here in the media bubble.

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