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Beijing Games: picture of the day


combo shot

Rickey Rogers writes: A combination photograph as Germans Christian Gille and Thomasz Wylenzek crash into a buoy after winning silver in the C2 1000 m final, gets the vote of Picture of the Day.

What seems like good fun as one team member drags another into the water, suddenly appears to be a real-life drama judging by their situation as they are saved by a rescue boat.

The rowers are completely exhausted by their efforts in the race and can’t right their canoe and climb back in on their own.

The original caption reads: In this combination photograph Christian Gille and Thomasz Wylenzek of Germany crash into a buoy and then are rescued by race officials after winning silver in the final of the double canoe C2 1000m event at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. REUTERS/Darren Whiteside/Hans Deryk (CHINA)