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When is a false start not a false start?


Women’s 100 metresI knew something was up when an official abruptly announced that the women’s 100 metres final news conference had been postponed.

Comments made by the two American sprinters on their way off the track had already rung an alarm bell.

“Man, I swear somebody jumped, someone got out before the gun. I’ve never had a bad start like that, ever,” said Muna Lee, who took fifth place. Torri Edwards, who came at the back of the field, admitted: “I think I moved a bit there at the start, and I thought they would call it. I think I false-started, I moved a little bit — my foot. There was no call back so I went.”

Sure enough, the Americans appealed against the result of the race, in which Jamaica had taken a clean sweep of the medals, claiming there had been a false start.