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Hop on the Olympics-mobile


pinheadOne of the more entertaining things about these Olympics for me has been seeing Chinese people of all ages and backgrounds find their own ways of expressing enthusiasm for the Games.

Some have bordered on the bizarre.

One man stuck a couple of hundred mini flagpoles in his head to show his support. Another guy I saw walked down the sidewalk in front of the Bird’s Nest, in a red dress and high heels, with a crown crafted out of palm leaves on his head and a big Chinese flag draped over each shoulder (wish I’d had a camera with me!).

Then there’s the young man who was out in front of the Water Cube with the Olympic rings shaved into his hair, calling out “Go China!” from his rickshaw.

trikeCompared with these guys, Hu Wenyuan’s enthusiasm is decidedly tame. But having a chance to chat with him was a wholly refreshing experience.