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Shooting for a good story


shooting starsWhile talking with Matt Emmons in the “mixed zone” after he won a silver medal on Saturday, I suddenly noticed the American sharpshooter had brought his rifle with him.

Resting casually on his left foot, it was pointed up at the ceiling, presumably empty of the ammunition he used to hit a thumbnail-sized bullseye 50 metres away nine of 10 times, but still, it was a reminder of how much I hate the things.

I’ve never liked guns, but I couldn’t be happier covering the shooting at the Olympics. There are just so many amazing stories out here in the boondocks of eastern Beijing.

There was a 21-year-old American woman who won the bronze after preparing for the Olympics by shooting moose in Alaska,  a shooter from Georgia duelling with a markswoman from Russia just as their two countries were caught up in an armed conflict, and the lovely story about Emmons and his wife, a Czech shooter (see an earlier blog of mine for this tale of Cupid’s bullet).