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Shooting’s love story gets an even happier ending


Family affairIt’s not every day you see an Olympic athlete wearing hunting gear put down her rifle halfway through an event, stroll into the crowd, chat with a nice-looking young man for a few minutes — and then see the two start kissing like high school students who have just fallen in love.

But that’s exactly what happened at the Olympic shooting venue today — in front of about 2,000 spectators and scores of happy photographers whose rapid-fire clicking echoed through the hall. Was it love doping? Was it allowed? Was it even good for her?

It clearly was. Katerina Emmons went back to the shooting range, fired off 10 more perfect bullseye scores and an hour later had the gold medal — and her husband Matt — around her neck.

Her great rival Du Li of China, meanwhile, got just a 9 on her 34th shot a moment later — dooming her bid to defend her Olympic gold medal.