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Beijing podcast — day one

I hesitated before posting this as for a variety of reasons we had very little time and a very dodgy mic to record our first Reuters podcast from the Beijing Games.

Still, in the spirit of blogging (and full disclosure) I thought I’d give you a chance to hear our first stab it it. I’m joined by my fellow reporters Simon Evans, Ossian Shine and Julian Linden for a chat abut opening ceremonies, the first medal events and the Michael Phelps.

Please leave your comments and check back tomorrow for our thoughts on day two. Hopefully we’ll have improved a bit.

The invisible Mr Phelps


Phelps dries himself

The envelope, somewhat crumpled in the hands of a female admirer waiting excitedly in the Beijing airport arrivals hall, bore a simple message: “To Michael Phelps, you have to look at.”

Let’s face it, the chances of the American swimming celebrity ever looking at the contents were never going to be good.