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Chinese bloggers see red at Olympic outfits – but do clothes matter?


China uniforms

With just over a week until the Olympics’ opening ceremony, athletes around the world are collecting their team outfits — and many Chinese bloggers are not happy with theirs, describing the red and yellow blazers, yellow and red shirts and multicoloured ties as resembling tomato scrambled egg, a popular Chinese dish.

When the uniforms were unveiled last week, designer Liu Ruiqi was quoted as saying: “When the Chinese delegation comes out, they will certainly catch the eyes of the audience.” That, it appears, is being achieved already.

“Color definitely must have red and yellow, but this design is too awful, like peasants coming to the city,” wrote one blogger, referring to the fact that red and yellow are seen as lucky colours in China .

“The key is to look at other countries’ uniforms and you will know how disgusting this is,” wrote another blogger.