Changing China

Giant on the move

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You see what you want to see…



Facts may be facts.

But putting meaning to those facts can be very tricky.

The fact is, China’s People’s Armed Police parked an armoured personnel carrier outside the main press centre of the Beijing Olympics on Tuesday.

The fact is, photographers and videocameramen swarmed the vehicle taking images that will travel the world. These pictures were all taken by Reuters Reinhard Krause.

The fact is, everyone who sees those images will see something different.rtr20xqs_comp.jpg

I’m pretty sure China meant to send the message: “These Olympics and this Olympic Village are as safe as they can possibly be.” That’s been an important theme for officials keen to counteract the news of a series of attacks in restive Xinjiang and the murder of an American in Beijing.

I’m pretty sure many outside China will see in the pictures the heavy hand of an oppressive government.