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How to Make an Ice Sculpture


thai sculpt stillReuters Television recently visited the ice sculpture competition at the International Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin, capital of China’s frozen Heilongjiang province.

If you would like to make your own ice sculpture, please follow the simple instructions in the video below.

Note: for those wishing to replicate the gargantuan castles and temples in the Ice and Snow World , we suggest you seek professional advice at the festival itself.

What, this old junk?


Discarded computer parts

Before the triangular symbol taught us to recycle, reduce and reuse, recycling in Taiwan worked this way:

Early morning or late at night, a man riding a tricycle trailed a small wagon and his long shadow through an alley piled with waste under a lone street light. He collected the brown glass Taiwan Beer bottles, from a wedding banquet, possibly, and placed them into his wagon. Sometimes he hollered “Empty wine bottles for sale?”