Changing China

Giant on the move

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Adventures in Chinglish


Chinglish T-ShirtsWhatever happened to the exploding shrimp? Do you know the way to Racist Park?

The Beijing authorities have been working long and hard in the run-up to the Olympics to stamp out Chinglish — but examples still abound all round town of this unique mix of Mandarin and English.

It’s fun checking out the slogans on T-shirts to find the finest example of strangulated language.

Some Chinglish has even won the official stamp of approval.

Brokeback” — popularised from the movie “Brokeback Mountain” about two gay cowboys –  has passed the test with formal acceptance by Chinese scholars as Mandarin shorthand for gay.

But it would be hard to top the all-time favourite quintet of Chinglish entries picked by the U.S.-based Global Language Monitor: