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When I retire – I want to be a ballerina


What does retirement mean to you?

For a group of grandmothers in Taiwan’s Pingtung County, it means fulfilling a childhood dream of becoming ballerinas.

And now the women, most in their 60s, tackle everything from a “battement fondu” to an “arabesque” stance.

Watching them leap across the room is enough to convince anyone life is full of new beginnings – at any stage.


Photo credit: Pichi Chuang
Video credit: Ben Tai

A reporter’s day in the life


Gold medalMy mother back in the United States thinks I’m having a great time in Beijing. She envisions me casually dropping into see the swimming and the athletics, having a relaxed lunch, and then strolling over to the next venue to catch another big event in the evening. Let me give you a run through of one day I had near the start of the Games…

7:00 - Wake up too late for breakfast, rush through ablutions and run for bus. Clear airport-style security. Get on bus for 20-minute ride. Transfer to second bus for 40-minute ride to shooting venue.

The bin-scavenging Olympics


food courtListening to journalists bellyache about how tough life is at the Games gets old pretty quickly, but there is one genuinely frustrating aspect of the Beijing media beat — finding something to eat.

The Main Press Centre has a cavernous dining area with food from around the world but reporters out at the venues are typing to the sound of rumbling stomachs — with nothing more than a few nuts and berries available anywhere near the stadiums.