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May 7, 2015

What is the economic value of a college major?

NEW YORK (Reuters) – With university tuition and student debt at record highs, many people wonder if it is worth it to go to college.

But according to Georgetown University professor Anthony Carnevale, the truly important issue that will affect a student’s future is picking a major.

Apr 30, 2015

Comedy at work: From menial, low-paid jobs comes laughter

NEW YORK, April 30 (Reuters) – First jobs are not usually
very funny.

In fact they’re often menial, and low-paid, and pretty
degrading. But that’s exactly why some of the country’s top
comedians find such a wealth of comic material there.

For the latest in Reuters’ monthly First Jobs series, we
talked to comedians about the first time they brought home
paychecks. The inevitable lesson: From tragedy comes comedy.

Apr 23, 2015

Make the right call on getting cell phones for kids

By Chris Taylor

NEW YORK(Reuters) – When Dallas mom Jan Valecka’s twins hit that contentious tween age, the rite of passage she dreaded most was a relatively new one: when to get them cell phones.

“They were starting to see all their friends get smartphones and iPads,” says Valecka, a financial planner at her own firm. “They started lobbying hard.”

Apr 16, 2015

Curb your microfinance addiction and still feel good

NEW YORK, April 16 (Reuters) – I was lending money to a
grocery store owner in Mozambique and a cosmetics saleswoman in
Haiti when I realized I was addicted.

I really enjoy microfinance sites like, maybe a
little too much.

If you have $25 to spare, you can lend it to an entrepreneur
halfway across the world and feel like you are making a small
difference. He or she eventually pays you back (hopefully), the
credit goes into your account, and you can start all over again.

Apr 14, 2015

Power vacation in St. Barths the Martha Stewart way

NEW YORK (Reuters) – She may by the undisputed Doyenne of Domesticity, but Martha Stewart also likes to hit the road.

One of the places close to her heart: the exclusive Caribbean enclave of St. Barths, from which she recently returned. Not far from Anguilla, the tiny island is known for its stunning beaches and its enduring popularity with celebs.

Apr 7, 2015

Joy Ride: 4 ways to save money on your bike addiction

NEW YORK, April 7 (Reuters) – If you want to ask Jonathan
Cane what he loves most about cycling, you might have some
trouble catching up with him.

Chances are, the 51-year-old triathlon coach will be
pedaling at 20 miles per hour on his Trek Domane, deep in the
forests of New York’s Harriman State Park or alongside the
cliffs of the New Jersey Palisades.

Apr 1, 2015

How humble first jobs motivated these inspirational speakers

NEW YORK, April 1 (Reuters) – What inspires you?

It’s a simple question that is not always easy to answer.
That’s why there are professional speakers who fill stadiums -
and get paid tens of thousands of dollars – to light a fire in

For more than a year, Reuters has been talking to America’s
greatest achievers, asking about the first jobs that set them on
the path to success.

Mar 27, 2015

The one-page financial plan

NEW YORK, March 27 (Reuters) – Gather round because here is
today’s personal-finance lesson inspired by famed Hollywood
screenwriter William Goldman: Nobody knows anything.

In other words, no one knows where the market is headed. No
one can tell you exactly what financial moves to make. And no
one knows where they are going to be 40 years from now.

Mar 25, 2015

The financial lessons of ‘Game of Thrones’

NEW YORK, March 25 (Reuters) – If you ever find yourself at
a fan convention for the popular HBO series “Game of Thrones,”
look at the person next to you.

He or she just might control billions.

With nearly 20 million total viewers for the series, whose
fifth season debuts on April 12, and 25 million copies in print
of the George R.R. Martin books, the “Game of Thrones” franchise
does not just appeal to comic-book geeks.

Mar 20, 2015

What the Superdollar means for summer travel

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Jane McManus can hardly believe her luck. The New York-based sportswriter for is planning a summer vacation with her family in Ireland.

Following the strength of the U.S. dollar, McManus upgraded their travel plans, reserving a swankier hotel room in Dublin and booking a couple of days at an actual 13th-century castle. The overall cost will be about 30 percent less than last summer’s vacation to Italy when the dollar was much weaker, McManus estimates.

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