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Jul 13, 2015

What to do when your Amazon Prime deliveries are late

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Jason Jepson’s love affair with Amazon Prime lasted quite a while. But about a year ago, when some deliveries started going through the U.S. postal service rather than a private delivery service like United Parcel Service Inc, Jepson noticed the service getting spotty.

The 40-year-old communications consultant from Austin, Texas said first it was one package that was delayed, then a second. Then seven. Then 13.

Jul 1, 2015

5 ways road-tripping families can save money

NEW YORK, July 1 (Reuters) – With four kids between the ages
of 1 and 12, Loralee Leavitt is a cost-savings ninja when she
hits the road.

Leavitt, who hails from Kirkland, Washington, estimates that
she has gone on more than 30 road trips with her growing family,
logging over 60,000 miles, to places like Utah, Colorado,
Arizona and California.

Jul 1, 2015

First-job tales of YouTube celebrities

NEW YORK, July 1 (Reuters) – Not long ago, Americans
megastars only came from places like network television shows or
Hollywood films.

These days, they also come from somewhere else entirely:

While old-media outlets like newspapers have been losing
subscribers, YouTube celebrities have been gaining
them by the busload.

Jun 24, 2015

Odd Couples: Why partners do not talk about salaries

NEW YORK, June 24 (Reuters) – When Kristi Sullivan quizzed
her husband about how much money she made last year, the Denver
financial planner was shocked to discover he was off by a wide

Although they have been married for 18 years, with two kids,
her hubby missed the mark by $8,000.

Jun 17, 2015

A little honesty might preserve the family fortune

NEW YORK (Reuters) – (The writer is a Reuters contributor. The opinions expressed are his own.)

When Stephen Lovell used to visit his grandparents as a kid, it was like entering the world of Cole Porter or “The Great Gatsby.”

Jun 15, 2015

How to prevent the financial pain of migraines

NEW YORK, June 15 (Reuters) – If you have never experienced
a migraine, consider yourself blessed by a thousand angels.

Sarah Hackley wishes she could say that. The Austin-based
writer and editor suffers from headaches so severe, “it feels
like someone is jamming an ice pick into my temple while
dropping an anvil on my head.”

Jun 9, 2015

Top stock picks split on generational lines

NEW YORK, June 9 (Reuters) – It seems America’s youth have
found a hero, and he is 84 years old.

For those aged 34 or younger, their No. 2 favorite stock –
behind only mighty Apple Inc – is none other than
Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

Jun 4, 2015

How three leaders worked their way up from the (very) bottom

NEW YORK, June 4 (Reuters) – Are leaders born, or made?

There is plenty of debate on the issue, but one thing is
certain: Most leaders do not start out at the pinnacle. They
begin their careers on the bottom rung of the ladder just like
everyone else.

With that in mind, as part our Reuters’ monthly series on
First Jobs, we talked to a few of America’s top leadership gurus
about the first gigs they ever had.

Jun 1, 2015

Want to stay together? Don’t mess with the hair budget

NEW YORK, June 1 (Reuters) – Here’s a little marital tip:
When financial experts say couples should compromise on
absolutely everything, there are times when you just need to
split hairs.

For instance, just try to tell your spouse how much he or
she should spend on getting their hair done.

May 21, 2015

In defense of the courthouse wedding

NEW YORK, May 21 (Reuters) – When Scott Oeth was thinking
about proposing to his girlfriend, Linda Hardin, he knew the
stats. The average wedding costs in 2014, according to popular
website, were a whopping $31,213.

That’s when the Minneapolis financial planner thought, No

Lucky for him, his bride-to-be was thinking exactly the same
thing. So last year the couple arranged for a courthouse
wedding, a celebratory dinner at their favorite steak house,
covered as a gift by his new in-laws, and a backyard BBQ
reception later in the summer for 100 guests.

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