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Sep 3, 2013
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Postcards from the capital of romance


Paris, France

By Christian Hartmann

In 2012, more than 15 million tourists visited the French capital, with its reputation for spots charged with history. They are also drawn by its eternal charm and landscape which appears to leap from a movie set like an invite for a romantic stroll.

Just a year ago I left the Zurich lake-front where I had spent nearly six years on assignment, covering principally sports and economic stories. Upon arrival in Switzerland, I was impressed by the potential beauty around the lake where residents gathered once the warm days of Spring arrived offering photographers interesting possibilities. Naturally, the new Parisian that I am, I headed to the banks of the Seine River this summer to capture moments that define the charm of Paris. Who hasn’t seen the famous photograph of a couple kissing in front of the Paris City Hall in 1950? Ever since, generations of lovers have kissed in the four corners of the city.

Mar 16, 2012

Swiss bus crash bodies flown home as Belgium mourns

BRUSSELS/SION, Switzerland, March 16 (Reuters) -
Belgian military aircraft brought home the bodies of 22
children and six adults killed in a bus crash in Switzerland,
and the country observed a minute’s silence during a national
day of mourning on Friday.

White coffins were loaded into two Hercules transport
aircraft near the Swiss town of Sion and landed at a military
airport near Brussels from where undertakers collected them
after a short ceremony. A third plane returned with their

Mar 16, 2012

Children killed in bus crash flown back to Belgium

SION, Switzerland/BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Belgian military aircraft began returning home the bodies of 22 children and six adults killed in a bus crash in Switzerland on Friday as the country prepared to observe a minute’s silence to remember the victims.

White coffins were loaded into Hercules transport aircraft near the Swiss town of Sion as police continued to investigate how the coach, carrying 52 passengers, crashed into the wall of a tunnel on Tuesday night.

Mar 31, 2011

Two hurt in parcel bomb at Swiss nuclear lobby

OLTEN, Switzerland, March 31 (Reuters) – Two people were
injured when a parcel bomb exploded in the offices of the Swiss
nuclear lobby on Thursday, police said.

The two female employees of Swissnuclear were taken to
hospital with superficial burns and hearing damage, a police
spokesman said, adding police did not yet know who had sent the

Nov 29, 2010

Swiss vote to expel convicted foreigners

ZURICH (Reuters) – A majority of Swiss voted to back the automatic expulsion of foreigners convicted of serious crimes on Sunday, in the latest sign of growing hostility to immigration in the country.

Thousands of opponents of the referendum result marched through Zurich and smashed shop windows, a Reuters witness said. In the capital Berne, there were about 500 protesters, some of whom threw snowballs and bottles at police in front of parliament, officials said.

Oct 18, 2010
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Shooting deep under the peaks of the Swiss Alps


After over a decade of work Swiss engineers drilling the world’s longest tunnel broke through the last section of rock. With a length of 57 km (35 miles) crossing the Alps, the train tunnel should become operational at the end of 2017. The pictures coverage of the final break-through at the Faido-Sedrun section, shooting and transmitting the pictures from the intestines of the earth was a rare and difficult challenge for Zurich based Reuters photographers Arnd Wiegmann and Christian Hartmann.

Working on this major Swiss story for the past few years and covering all major steps of the construction, we decided to go underground some days before the ceremony, to produce pictures to illustrate preview stories. Our images were very well published in the week before ‘Drilling D-Day’.