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Sep 15, 2015
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Sanders braves the elephant in the auditorium


Democrat Bernie Sanders ventured into the lion’s den—a.k.a. Liberty University in Virginia—on Monday and appealed to evangelical Christians’ better angels, looking for common ground by linking Biblical precepts to care for the poor with criticism of cut-throat capitalism.

“We are living in a nation and in a world which worships the acquisition of money and great wealth,” he rasped in a voice harsh from campaigning, “but which turns its back on those in need. And that must end. We need to move toward an economy which works for all, and not just the few.”

Apr 29, 2012
Apr 29, 2012
Apr 29, 2012
Apr 26, 2012
Apr 26, 2012
Apr 20, 2012

Pakistani plane crashes with 127 on board

ISLAMABAD, April 20 (Reuters) – A Pakistani airliner with
127 people on board crashed in bad weather as it came in to land
in Islamabad on Friday, scattering wreckage and leaving no sign
of survivors.

The Boeing 737, operated by local airline Bhoja Air, was
flying to the capital from Pakistan’s biggest city and business
hub Karachi. It crashed more than five miles (nine km) from the
international airport.

Mar 25, 2012
Mar 23, 2012

Pakistan PM, U.S. president to meet at Seoul nuclear summit

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani will meet with U.S. President Barack Obama on March 27 on the sidelines of a nuclear security summit in Seoul, the prime minister’s office said on Friday.

Relations between the two uneasy allies have been frayed after the discovery and killing of al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in a Pakistani military town in May 2011 just two hours from Islamabad. Pakistan called that a violation of its sovereignty.

Mar 18, 2012
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