Mosque madness and midterms

August 16, 2010

On “This Week” with Christiane Amanpour, Chrystia says President Obama’s speech in support of the Cordoba House mosque that would occupy a building two blocks from Ground Zero in downtown Manhattan displays leadership and conviction.

Later on “This Week” during a roundtable discussion on mid-term elections, Chrystia says the real question is, can an American political party or political movement come up with a powerful economic plan?

Chrystia asks, doesn’t this all come down to the economy? She picks up on what former governor of New Jersey Jon Corzine said earlier about this recession. It is not only following a financial crisis, but also is the final act of America’s structural adjustment to globalization and the technology revolution.


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So frustrating to hear professionals mis-comprehend President Obama’s statements. Obama did not “walk back” on the constitutional rights of those who wish to build the Islamic Center, as Cokie asserts.

The bald-headed guy is absurd in his position the President can not take a stand because his poll numbers are low.

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IF Christiane Amanpour, Chrystia thinks President Obama’s speech in support of the Cordoba House mosque two blocks from Ground Zero displays leadership and conviction, I suggest she look forward into the future to see what America will become in one hundred years if Islam flourishes there. To do so she should look at Islamic societies today. Mostly they are poor. Mostly they are uneducated. Mostly they are not democracies some form of dictatorship. If President Obama boasts that they have the freedom to build a mosque, rest assured in one hundred years Americans will not have the freedom to build a Church. I suggest Christiane Amanpour study a little of the history of Islam and also investigate how it persecutes Christians in Indonesia, the Middle East, Turkey, Central Asia and India today, and how it taxes Christians to support Jihads. Then I think she will say that President Obama has convictions, but which we are uncertain as to what they are, and exercises no leadership.

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