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“In the USA, Obama may destroy the country economically and still 40% of the population will blindly vote for him again. 40% will blindly vote for his opponents. So whats left? 10% of the THINKING voters of the USA controls politics.”

I don’t mean to be rude, but there’s a sense of irony in someone complaining about stupid voters, and then adding 40 + 40 + 10 to get 100.

By: limapie Mon, 04 Apr 2011 06:28:50 +0000 Some say controlling the cyber message about himself was how Obama was elected. Even after the election, the several floors full of internet surfing manpower was kept on, but this time paid for by tax dollars. So when there was an invitation to send the president an email, I was really stupid and sent him a note about spending. There after, I had this code implanted on my home computer that regularly copied and viewed what I was saying even to my relatives via the internet. I’d be typing an email about going on vacation to some town or whatever and then all of a sudden a little box with an arrow would hover, then —swish—- a few lines of type would just simply disappear. The “grabbing” got pretty dog-gone pesty. Several times, I just stopped trying to talk to my relatives and just started talking to the grabbers. The little box would show up, read what I said to them, and then like magic the disappearing act would quit bugging me.
I finally got tired of all that spying and just went out and got a new computer vowing never to email Obama again.
I guess it is legal for the CIA and all these secret floors of cyber people to “take the pulse” of just every day normal people’s conversations…homeland security, you know.
The day will come, though, when people won’t be so tolerant of this using cyber space to make sure a politician can read where people are at.

If you would really look at what internet controlling proposals have come out of the liberal camp since Obama’s election, you wouldn’t be thinking this is so way cool for governmental electeds to be so clever.

By: JayWx Sun, 03 Apr 2011 05:05:20 +0000 So, your saying…that if a progressive is elected in a conservative district….then we are not ‘dumbing’ down the populace….but if the reverse is true, then we are dumbing down the populace?
wow…..really….just wow.


By: dementglobal Sat, 02 Apr 2011 06:14:39 +0000 I agree that people, in general, would rather have an elected official addressing issues of a local nature and then addressing the ways and means on how to make things better.

The people are tired of the bickering, short sightedness of politicians looking to the past. They want to envision a new brighter day for their families.

Great article. Thanks

By: Travelingman Sat, 02 Apr 2011 05:04:59 +0000 I would love to see computer voting to take over the present system of bogus elected officials.
Many years ago I remember an elected official telling a reporter … “I have yet to decide which way I will vote”.
This outraged me for years.
Later if I remember correctly it was made public this official was in trouble for taking bribes. He ended up losing his office seat at the next election.
But… for him to advertise on TV that he had not made up his mind was in that situation was a blatant effort to say nobodies paid me enough to see thing their way.

We may be better off with an electronic house and senate that accepted real online votes from home computers.

We could cut billions of dollars nation wide.
First big saving will be fuel and parking costs for driving to the voting box.
Second would be the cost of the voting machines themselves, the electricity for operating them, the cost of heating building they are housed in and time and cost of the volunteers that oversee the operations.
Then there is the cost of maintaining those voting machines and paying huge fees for the companies that work on them.
Fourth may seem small but right now it is part of what is killing our schools … pencils, paper and books and those print outs with every bodies name. That is allot of paper and pencils.
And fifth … time. All of the report in the past in one way or another bring up the time wasted in talking and chatting in the business world … think of the time lost for those that leave work to vote. That alone must be a saving when it comes to our national budget.
Sixth is simple … safety.
Imagine the number of people injured and killed driving to and from a voting location… let alone the possibility of someone getting injured in a scuffle over teachers rights one way or another. It is a preventative thing like Bush and Cheney did when they went to war to prevent the use of nuclear arms.
Seven … all of the police and volunteers that direct traffic. The cost to the local public is at times considerable, not to mention the inability of officers to protect citizens that may be in much more need of their help than those driving to and from the polls, and of course fuel for there vehicles.

We could go on, I believe we could come up with approx. 30 issues here for a real.

One of the thing about today’s internet is the lack of privacy. Thanks to advertisers and safety factors now taken into account with the internet. One could safely assume that you are who you are because; when we got on line today all of our moves including key stroke signatures,location of your computer,those that live in the house and pay the bills would already be registered with information gathering equipment already used to track us for “statistical reasons”.

Thus giving way to getting rid of most of our state and federal officials, their minions of office staff, and unanswered voice mail machines that presently give the appearance of having a representative. Costs of offices and utilities for those offices. And of course fuel to get to and from work, lunch, meeting, the dentist and of course voting.

Lets put a real use to those cyber tools, I can hardly wait.

OH, and my computer can run on a solar operated battery back up … all night.
That equates to a representative on a 24 hour a day, seven days a week … 365 days a year …. depending on your religious outlook and work schedule.

By: txgadfly Fri, 01 Apr 2011 21:05:24 +0000 Part of what made the Four Seasons crowd dominant was that they dominated communication. As blogs and comment windows proliferate, they have less of a choke hold on publicly expressed thought. That does not make them comfortable. Their record of useful ideas is scant anyway.