Comments on: Welfare bums vs crony capitalists Sun, 28 Jul 2013 14:34:09 +0000 hourly 1 By: DrJJJJ Tue, 08 Nov 2011 17:12:34 +0000 A flat/fair type tax model may reduce welfare! How many collecting welfare would you guess work under the table-10%, 20%+ etc? Too many ways to game the system, we need a simple solution to combat cheaters-morals/ethics are too poor now!

By: SueSueSue Mon, 07 Nov 2011 18:43:30 +0000 We need small business, and lots of it.

We need competent government that regulates with common sense and integrity on behalf of the majority of society, not the minority. (Including those with tattoos and bad teeth 😉

But what we have now is a global financial crisis created by Big Business, and a government that has been either co-opted or systematically deprived of power.

Big business: 

Pays no tax.
Steals public funds.
Routinely bribes, blackmails (and worse).

Small business:

Pays tax.
Creates vasty majority of all new jobs.
Competitive (because it has to be).
Competent (because it has to be).
Connected to, and motivated by community (because it has to be).
Responsible (because it has to be)

It is big business, not big government, that is responsible for the parlous state of our democratic institutions. And one of the consequences is that, in the West, the very survival of the idea of nation-state may now in question.

Nobody wins in this situation. Without regulatory authority or solvency, governments will not be able to manage, and fools in the financial sector who built an inter-linked reliance upon this house of cards will cope least well.

This is not about “rejecting productive society,” or any of these other facile assumptions. It’s about understanding how life actually works outside a glassed-in office tower. It is time to abandon all this implicit complacency and superiority, and name the threats staring you in the face. Because it’s a foolish thing to assume that you are not connected. Or that you can, or know how to, hide.

By: Ocala123456789 Mon, 07 Nov 2011 12:42:26 +0000 capitalism is the best… your wealth depends on it… if you do not like it move Greece… government will definitely save you there… freedom of enterprise and coolness of individualism… love it… great to be american… love it…

By: OneOfTheSheep Mon, 07 Nov 2011 01:54:59 +0000 Commentor SueSueSue hit the nail on the head (Nov. 4, 2011 12:17 PM EDT) even swinging with her eyes closed. Someone who appears in public with “bad teeth, or bad breath, or…wearing bad taste clothes and too many tattoos” makes a conspicuous and negative statement about themselves and their personal values. Please add piercings to that list.

People over 21 that still have bad teeth have not given necessary priority to the their appearance. Appearance, like it or not, largely determines whether or not other people want you around them. It is an inseparable part of your “resume”. Each of us is judged every day, and our “public image” includes those we choose to associate with. Not talking about how things SHOULD be, but how life really works.

Those with bad breath, don’t dress appropriately or have ANY visible tattoos or piercings send a loud but silent message that (1) they don’t have a clue how to fit in with the productive of our society, or (2) they consciously and specifically reject the values of productive society on a very fundamental level. Said rejection is intended to be IN YOUR FACE! They clearly don’t WANT to be hired!

I don’t want such people serving me in a restaurant, nursing me, selling me anything, driving my taxi, or in close proximity in a tax-funded library, park, zoo, theater, restaurant, bus, plane, train, etc. Indeed, they are why many people won’t ride the bus, pick up hitchhikers, or go to fairs or into public parks at night any more.

So long as their “society” and my “society” are separate by mutual conscious choice, they will miss out on some of the benefits available to others. Rebellion has it’s price.

By: ZGHerm Mon, 07 Nov 2011 01:01:05 +0000 It is interesting to see so many subjective views on the matter, which is understandable.
There is one factor that is going to bring most of the arguments into agreement, and even unite the 99% with the 1%.
What we are seeing today is not the evil mastermind of a certain group/layer of people, but a system failure.
This system has been operating for decades and we elected those politicians and we worshipped those wealthy tycoons who perfected and solidified the system until it has run into its own trap.
Today this profit hungry, ruthless, expansive system has run into a dead end, and it is in such a catch 22 situation that there is no way of any recovery.
In this closed, interdependent world, where the very consumer part of society that was supposed to revive the economy has been stripped from every life force, the whole expansive system is falling, become self destructive, and this global crisis is not a single dip, or double dip, not even cyclical, but an end.
Very soon the “1%” will find their fortunes in pieces, their dollar bills only good to light fire with.
We have to build a new system, but this time based on completely new grounds, based on mutuality, equality, consideration and cooperation.

By: SueSueSue Sun, 06 Nov 2011 21:54:11 +0000 The comments are far more informative and interesting than this article.

They also demonstrate an awareness among those who work in financial markets that Occupy protestors are on to something.

Occupy is serious. It could become deadly serious. That’s why it’s so offensive to hear Freeland including her own ridiculous comments along with Martin’s and Zedillo’s.

I’m not only offended by the lack of complexity, seriousness and laziness in this article, I’m offended by Freeland’s refusal to even pretent to discard her own biases.

I don’t take issue with Martin or Zedillo. I take issue with Freeland.

This is a lazy, pompous, pointless column and she knows it.

You should take Occuply seriously Freeland, because clearly your better informed readers do.

I’d also point out that your job is to do precisely the opposite of what you did here. Your job is to discard your own biases in order to inform yourself as fully and as well as possible, in order to fulfil your responsibility to your readers.

Did you do that?


By: FutilityofTed Sun, 06 Nov 2011 20:17:24 +0000 “At a time when governments have spent billions bailing out banks even as they cut pensions and social services”

Bailed out the banks? Whose money is in those banks anyway? Whose failure to meet loan obligations is it that caused the need for the bailouts?

Citizens. If the banks hadn’t been bailed out it would have been horrible for the people whose money was in the banks. They didnt bail them out just to help out the big shots at running the bank, it was much bigger than that. I agree there should be some reform to make financial systems less opaque, but looking at banks as some kind of villain is funny when they help up buy homes and grow our money. Everyone uses a bank, there are lots of them, and you can choose which one to use.

People over the last 40 years have been demanding more and more social services and politicians seeking votes were willing to give it to them even if was not financially reasonable. Sure it would be nice if we could do all the things politicians promise, but it doesn’t work that way. The pensions, salaries, and benefits across the western world were promised in bad faith. To criticize some people for wanting them changed in order to make them sustainable, so that commitments don’t have to be completely broken, seems a bit backwards.

The problem is society. If they weren’t able to depend on the government to support them in so many ways, maybe they would find a way to do it on their own.

…I once saw a sign on a boat dock that read “Don’t feed the ducks!”

By: NeilGillespie Sun, 06 Nov 2011 18:50:32 +0000 Great piece Ms. Freeland. Messrs. Martin and Zedillo nailed it, hit one out of the park! Congratulations! By the way, I marched in Occupy Tampa on October 6, 2011. I am a 55 year-old white male, hold two college degrees, one of which is from the Wharton School. Also owned and operated my own car business for many years. I am well-traveled and well-read. My background is working class. The idea that all the Occupy protesters are deadbeats is absurd. The fact is, crony capitalists are ruining this country, and a threat to world economic stability.

Neil Gillespie
Ocala, Florida

By: mitchitoo Sun, 06 Nov 2011 16:30:27 +0000 Most of these so-called “successful ” People have long histories of wealth and power in their families, or failing that. a long history of ruthless deals and manipulation that got them where they are.

They think the poor wanting help for their health, home and families is because they arn’t ruthless enough to be successful. They think their billions to support their failed business ventures is clever business practice.

The noveau poor are guilty of playing by the rules.
The “successful” are guilty of fraud.

By: storm100 Sun, 06 Nov 2011 16:23:28 +0000 The root of all this is an all powerful centralized government that chooses to pick winners and losers. This Corporatism we see today is not true Capitalism. In fact I would say there nothing different between the OWS crowd and the crony Corporatist. The OWS crowd is demanding a share of the government pie because they complain that others are receiving that share and for them to compete in this environment they must too get a share. Well folks, that is how the cronyism and special interest groups started. The US Federal Govt. is at fault for this terrible behavior. When a politician picks winners and losers and regulates and legislates the loser out of business, it causes the loser to go out and find a politician that would declare them the winner as well. Instead of having businesses concentrate on making the best widget, politicians have turned almost every industry into a bunch of vultures fighting for the political scraps left over. The federal govt. and the federal reserve has eradicated the concept of a free market by socializing losses and eliminating risk. Plus they continue to subsidize what they consider the “winners” in industry.

All disdain should flow towards Washington DC and other Governments who try maliciously manipulate a global economy for political ends.