Former Senator Alan Simpson on Freeland File

February 17, 2012

Today at 11am, Chrystia will interview Alan Simpson live on YouTube. She and the former senator will discuss the Obama administration’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year as well as his new memoir, Shooting from the Lip: The Life of Senator Al Simpson. You can watch the whole thing here:


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Big Al once told me he spent 90% of his time raising funds to get re-elected. Once out of Congress he never saw a Corporate Board he didn’t want to sit on. He used his conecctions to get rich, just like they all do. He build Museums in his home state with Government money. He is a well connected “Sell OUT”. He had his chance to do the right thing,, just ask Anita Hill. He is friends with all that was wrong with Washington. Time to go AL,,, you helped to put us in this mess,,, along with ALL your friends,,,the list is LONG,,real Long,, it reads like a phone book. Go home and enjoy your museums that helped to put us in the Hole. Shame on you!!!

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Senator Simpson is a truly down to earth, ego not in the way guy. He is intelligent and willing to accept the political compromises that are essential to a functioning government. Ideological zealots on the right and left hate him, which only reinforces the fact that he was right more than wrong as a Senator. I wish we could clone him and replace the entire House and Senate with more like him.

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wmaclough,,, you have got to be kidding!!! Check your history. Immigration Reform under Ronald McDonald and Simpson was a compleat failure! Do you remember how he ripped into Anita Hill, just to put that MORON Thomas on the Supreme Court!! We are in the fix we are today because of guys like him. Ego,,, he needs a large trailer just to haul it around. I am proud to be one of the “Lesser people” he talks about. You sound like one of his stooges,,, or perhaps that other famous guy from Wyoming that is backing Santorum,, you know the “asprin between your knees guy”.

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