This won’t suit everyone cycling in London

June 10, 2009

Rapha cycling suitLots of irregular/wobbly cyclists taking to the streets of London today. The tube/subway/metro system is at a standstill due to strike action by transport workers.  There were plenty of lycra and day-glo outfits on display, as well as a few brave souls venturing out in their work clothes.

But I was disappointed not to see anyone on their way to Canary Wharf sporting one of these specially-designed three-piece cycling suits.

At £3,500 a shot it’s not the sort of gear most people would venture out on the streets of London in — even during the summer — although its makers say “nanotechnology” makes it water and stain resistant. Given the battering that most cycling wear gets in the capital, it would have to be.

(Photo credit: Rapha)

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