Chez Sergey

July 13, 2009

Earlier today, my Reuters colleague Steve Eder posted about his journey Sunday to the New Jersey mansion of alleged Goldman Sachs trading code thief Sergey Aleynikov. And what a home it is.

It appears Sergey and his family recently moved into a brand spanking new McMansion in North Caldwell, NJ. As I pointed out last week, North Caldwell just happens to the same town that Tony Soprano was supposed to reside in. And the house Sergey bought isn’t much smaller than Tony’s.

Guess that means Sergey wasn’t planning to relocate to Chicago for his new $1.2 million-a-year job with Teza Technologies.

The Aleynikov abode on Arbor Road is valued at $1.14 million, according to a financial statement Sergey submitted to federal authorities following his July 3 arrest. Other assets Aleynikov listed was a home in Little Falls, NJ he and his wife, Elina, are trying to sell. He listed the market value for that more modest home at $550,000.

Altogether, he reported shelling out $6,000 a month in mortgage payments. With Sergey suspended from this Teza job and Elina not currently working, it won’t be long before the North Caldwell house is probably on the market too.

Not surprisingly, Magistrate Judge Kevin N. Fox ruled that Sergey is not entited to court-appointed counsel beyond his initial court appearance.

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